Tour De Tower

FNG – Disclaimer

We are a peer led non-for profit group that uses public property for its work outs.

No one is a professional and everyone should work out to their own ability and comfort level.

Please modify as necessary as to not get hurt.

5 core principles

Free of charge, Open to all Men , Held outdoors, rain or shine, cold or hot, Rotation of leaders

Ends in a circle of Trust

We had no FNG’s this morning so we headed off on a Mosy around the tower pointing out the 7 stations around the tower and pointed to the top of the tower explaining that there was one up there as well.

We circled up on Sniper Hill and did some SSH’s, Windmills and Strawberry Pickers

There are 7 stops around the Tower, 1 on Sniper Hill and 1 on the top of the tower.

At each spot there are 2 exercises, you pick one and do 25 reps before heading on to the next stop.

Run past the next stop and run around the tower before stopping.

Always NUR on Sniper Hill.

Station 1 = Merkins and Shoulder Taps

Station 2 = American Hammers and Butter Fly Sit ups

Station 3 = Plank Jacks and CCD

Station 4 = Moroccan NC’s and Imperial Walkers

Station 5 – LBC’s and Flutter Kicks

Station 6 = SSH’s and Toy Soldiers

Station 7= Side Lunges and Freddy Mercuries

Station 8 = Jump Squats and Lunges

When we were done we all did a little over 3 miles and a lot of exercises. 🙂


Reminder of the 2nd F tomorrow and 6pm at Rusty Bucket, Open Q’s in August need to be filled and Guillermo discussed a men’s prayer event that he will provide to Papa Smurf with the details. Prayers for our men and women serving our country overseas, at home and all our first responders.