The 12 Days of Elf?

QIC: Chili “Elf” pepper

24 Pax in attendance: Ripken, Coop, Clutch, Mopar, Hang 10, Tump, Rody, Steel, Brutus, Sir Walice, Ace, Defib, Loan Star, Gridlock, Goob, Desani, Train, Condenser, Jimmy Dean, Sniper, Lancelot.

Weather, not to cold, not to hot, just right for a Elf pepper beatdown!

Covered the 5 Core Principles and proceeded to the Mozy.  Nur, nice monkey humpers facing the blvd, nur ttub srekcik, nur hgih seenk, Carioca on he street curb.

All attendees received a very special 35 pound Gift made of concrete and love in a shape of a block from their favorite elf Andy.  We then performed SSH, strawberry pickers and proceeded to the tower with gifts in tote.

12 days of Christmas!  Elf Style.  With plenty of Christmas cheer!  After a brief demonstration of Elf style beatdown we proceeded to do a 3 to 4 rounds of.

1 Gift Run around the Tower

2 Block Burpees

3 Elf makers

4 Gift Merkins

5 Gift hops

6 Gift clean & press

7 4-count shoulder press

8 4-count mountain climber

9 Gift drags

10 Gift Present squats

11 Gift swings

12 Elf Burpee broad jumps

During the beatdown Run Rodolph Run was sounded and the PAX sprinted to the top of the tower, come back down and proceed with the gifting of grunts and sweat.  No Merlot was present though an elf told me of some interesting noises coming from the half-moon with Trump involved.



  • QuickDraw is out of the hospital but still has a long road for recovery.
  • Ripken’s M who is undergoing tests for possible breast cancer
  • Trane’s M who is awaiting a consultation on his wife’s breast cancer biopsy results
  • Ripken’s work partner and her breast cancer results
  • ShamWow’s M and her continued recovery from thyroid surgery
  • Pincher’s recovery from wisdom teeth surgery
  • Aquaman’s friend in need of prayer to overcome substance addition.
F3 Suncoast