Rotten Circle

As the dark clouds loomed in the area 3 HIM’s waiting in the parking lot waiting to see if any others showed up… at 6:15 there were no other takers so we discussed the F3 Core Principles and headed off towards the bridge on a mosy.

We circled up in the grass and did some SSH’s, IMP Walkers and Windmills.

The Thang

This was going to be a 2 part beatdown… 1st part was going to be rotten to our core.

Using the 3 markers in the grass field each PAX member perform 20 or 30 REP’s of each of the exercises below at each marker.

Reverse Crunch’s, Side Plank Hip Raises, Butterfly Sit ups, Flutters and Mountain Climbers

We were very grateful for the clouds and the light rain as it was hot out there…

After we were done with these there was a set of 20 exercises on disks set up in a circle…

The rule was that we would do 45 seconds of the exercise you were in front of then a 15 second break then move to the left and do the next exercise…. this continued until there was about 2 minutes left and we had to mosy back to the starting point…

As we were running behind as we ran back YHC made some announcements about upcoming events that F3 would be involved with.


Making it back a few minutes late… we circled up and prayed for our school children due to all the shooting going on… the first responders that have to deal with these shooting.. the first responding on the street everyday… and our military

Just as I got in my car and began rolling away the skies opened…. perfect timing 🙂