Rain? Yes, this morning

The three amigos at different times, Deep Dish, Clutch, and YHC met in the parking lot, small talked for a few and headed out. Deep Dish and I started our Garmin watches and headed for the St Armands loop 6-miler. Dropped off DD , and Clutch came in. It started raining, so we headed to Perkins for breakfast. Great conversations we’re had and the worlds problems were solved.


  • Mighty Mouses 2.0 and family as they begin the road to full recovery
  • Our country
  • First responders, police and fire
  • Ben- Goobs friend after being hit on his bike – can this dude catch a break?
  • Defibs return home
  • Aquaman’s friend


  • None shared

Was great to get back out in the gloom for a run and look forward to many more. Until then,

~lancelot out.