Bumps in the road!

Bumps in the road, sometimes they are larger than they appear, sometimes they are smaller. Only way to find out how big that challenge is, is to address it. Just in life, we face  obstacles daily, the outcome is typically better when we address head on. Have that tough conversation, don’t go around the bump. More times than not the bump, isn’t quite as large as anticipated.
High Knees
Karaoke left /right
Warm ups:
20- SSH (in cadence)
20 Strawberry Pickers (in cadence)
20 arm circles
20 Windmils (in cadence)
We used the speed bumps at the entry to Adventure Park, each are@ 40-50 yards away, 1st speed bump 5 reps then mode of transpiration to the next, 10 reps then same mode of transportation the the next speed bump 15x all the way to 25, then work your way back.
Speed bumps 5,10,15,20,25,20,15,10,5
Exercise-Mode of Transportstion
Merkins -Nur
Squat Imperial Walker- High Knee
Burpees – Buttkickers ( modified 2,4,6,7,10 reps)
Back to cars:
Carolina DryDock-20x
Big Boys -20x
American Hammers 20x
Mountain Climbers 20x
Chilipeppers family member with COVID-19
All First responders
Front line workers (Publix, Walmart, food service ups etc)
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Woeather HUMID
11 pax Posh, Ripken, Manziel, Goob, Sir Wallace, Big Mac, Pincher, Trump, Shamwow, Chilipepper, Stagecoach