4 Turkeys and a Lion

There was a small gathering of 4 in the gloom this beautiful morning. Temp was a cool 67 degrees.  We began with  a mosey around the east side of the hill. We must have bothered Mufasa  as he awoke to put us through a four on the roar! We mosied ourselves over to the north side of the hill. All in attendance reflected that we were in new territory and hoped the hill would keep us from hearing the lions. It didn’t.

COP Included:

11 SSH

11 count Superman

11 Morracan Night Clubs

COP on our own cadence as QIC:Slater had an issue with math this morning. (Maybe one day he”ll get this cadence thing down)


The Thang.

Over and backs at 1oo yards, completing exercises at each end.

10 shoulder taps.

10 jump squats.

Rinse and repeat counting down reps  at each end.

Thanks to Diesel’s keen sense of hearing we enjoyed  a 4 on the roar near the end.

Halfway through we were joined by two FNGs. Slingshot age 7, and his HIM X-ray.

We finished over and backs with time left on the clock.

we ended with a COP, 10 American Hammers followed by 30 LBCs, 10 hammers, 20 LBCs, 10 hammers, 10 LBCs.

We then mosied back to the mother hill for our COT.

Prayers for Snapshots sister and father in law, and all unmentioned request.

Welcome to our FNGs.

Good job Lions Pride Pax