The BackBlast:

Weather: It’s Florida…

YHC rolled into the parking lot to find several PAX getting in some EC, well done. Bing showing up only for EC, as he had a flight to catch.

Core principles and disclaimer announced then off for the mosey, with some high knees and karaoke.

Warm Ups: Strawberry Pickers, Imperial Walkers, Hillbilly Walkers


This took a bit of explain and was on the verge of too complicated, yet there was a goal in mind and hopefully that goal was achieved this gloom.

We counted off in 3’s to split up the rather impressive amount of HIM that woke and took the Daily Red Pill. 4 corners of the parking lot, 3 of them with instruction (3 pages of instruction for those like YHC that struggle to see). So 1,2,3’s, all went to a different corners, leaving one corner free as the run pass corner. Each page had 4 Simple Questions, that required an even simpler Yes or No answer. Depending on the answer was the determining factor of your exercise. No’s answers had it a bit rougher than the Yes’s. At this point the 1/3 of the Pax would split yet again based on the answers and perform their corresponding exercise in cadence.

Exercises repeated for each page each question.

All 1st Questions: Yes- 15 Merkins, No- 10 Burpees, All 2nd Questions: Yes- 20 LBC, No- 15 BigBoys, All 3rd Questions Yes-25 Flutter Kicks, No- 20 Leg Raises, 4th Question was always a Reflection: If all last 3 Questions answered as Yes, the do Yes Exercise, if No, then No exercise. Yes- 30 Squats, No- 25 Jump Squats. This repeated until all 3 pages were completed, which just as luck would have, it seemed to be pretty close to 0700. There was one stipulation, once you moved to the next stop you had to wait for the rest of your initial group (The six) by performing SSH until their arrival. At that point you would read the next Question.


MOLESKIN: The goal and Questions were intended to get everyone thinking about the importance of communication. SLACK is a huge part of our communicating here at F3 Suncoast. It’s important that we get as many HIM on this platform as possible so everyone can be in the know.

Mr Clean and Backdraft both made appearances to Support the PAX even though they are both physically unable to perform the work outs. Proving that you can still take that Daily Red Pill even when you have physical ailments.

One New FNG Slugger, great to have another 2.0 out there this gloom.


Baryshnikov and his new found job, and future success in it, Drakes 2.o Dylan as he’s home and finding the way that is meant for him, Airwolf and his friends Wife as she’s recovering slowly that that continues, Ripken’s M Friend who has fell on health issues.

It’s an honor to be amongst you, Pincher OUT

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