AO: Hard Knocks University Bootcamp - Wednesday

When: 03/31/2021


Number of Pax: 20

Pax Names: AirWolf, Big Mac, Bing, Brutus, Cavallino, Chilipepper, Condenser, Drake, Goob, Hardhat, Lancelot, Lobstah, Mr. Clean, Pincher, Posh, Pudge, Pyro, Ripken, Sir Wallace, Stagecoach,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Lancelot

The BackBlast:

On our way to a Good Friday

Welcome Wednesday Pax

Today’s theme is centered around Holy Week with a Bible inspired work out. . Come get stronger in body, mind, and spirit.

•             After various discussions about what F3 offers in the “faith” aspects & observing the Pax, I announced a disclaimer that today’s beatdown will entail a Christian base message.

•             I asked my Brothers if they were willing to Follow me and trust me on where I was taking them this morning. Various message were planned and asked them to take in the messages and reflect what this week is about.

5 Core Principles: Men Only, Free, Held Outdoors, Peer led on Rotation, COT


•             Agitators

•                    Michael Phelps

•             10 Good Mornings

•             10 Abe Vigodas

•             10 Strawberry Pickers

•             10 Imperial Walkers

•             6 Motivators

Let the Journey begin

Thang 1: Palms

•             Palm Sunday

•             Threw palms to honor coming Savior

•             Exercises on palms:

•             50 shoulder taps

•             40 mountain climbers

•             30 plank jacks

•             20 merkins

•             10 burpees

•             Bear crawl to middle of parking lot & back

Thang 2: Flipping

•             Jesus flipped tables in temple

•             Clear out corruptions and open way to God

•             Flipping coupons:

        • Exercises:3 man relay

•             PAX #1 Chest Presses

•             PAX #3 Curls

•             PAX #2 Runs

•             Once PAX #2 gets to PAX #3, PAX #3 runs with coupon to relieve PAX #1

•             They all switch exercises – PAX #3 curls, PAX #1 tosses, and PAX #2 chest presses

•             Rinse and repeat

Thang 3: Feet

•             Jesus washed feet

•             Modelled servant leadership

•             Exercises touching feet:

•             50 Heel touches

•             50 on Stomach, Heel Touches

Thang 4: Dip

•             Lord’s supper

•             Betrayer dip in bowl with Jesus

•             We all have betrayed God and will all do dips

•             50 Coupon dips

•             25 Plank dips, Each Side

Thang 5: Hill

•             Jesus crucified on hill

•             Climbed for you

•             You climb

•             Dora: Partner

•             One partner runs up

•             100 squats

•             Sorry to cut short due to time, however it was important to move to the last round

Mary: Death and Resurrection

•             Jesus died & rose again

•             Through Life & suffering and up to the end, Mary was there.  Never left his side.

•             F3 Suncoast, we are Brothers and we will be by each other’s side

•             Fitting that we come together at the end and become ONE

Round of Marys

Circle of Trust:

•  Grateful to be surrounded by such strong HIMs

•  Helped me get better, lead better, live better

•  Would be lost without the strongest HIM, Our Sky Q, Jesus

•  Holy Week all about Jesus

•  Took on evil and death for me and came out victorious

•   Jesus me at my lowest point Loved me, Saved me from myself, Gave me a new life

•   Daily helping me grow

•   Jesus doesn’t just want you to know what he did, but that he did it for you!

•  If you don’t know this Good News, I would love to talk with you more about it, if not you are  surrounded by HIM who would



2nd F tonight at Rusty Bucket 6 ish

4th Anniversary Work out Saturday: Family welcomed, 2.0s, Ms, & friends.

Bring food and refreshments, The Focus is to have fun, celebrate, and fellowship!

Pre Ruck at 5:00am Saturday at AP by Kotter

Mr. Clean will be Leading future Pre-Rucks at Rye area, Detail coming

Chili pepper  will be Pre-Rucking in Clearwater 4/10/21. Join him to EH guys for GR18

GrowRuck is in May, EH guys, Sponsorships are available, Lend a Ruck is an option.

Local races are coming up

Prayers: For Pax, Our Nation, and those in need

Thank you for coming out this morning and taking my lead. I hope you all got more out of today’s work-out more than just a sweat.

“We need to take time to connect with the poor, resist our unceasing cravings, and pray. But we also need to gather with friends and family, share in God’s good provision, eat delicious food, tell stories that encourage us all, and celebrate the risen Lord”

Honored and Blessed to lead, – Lancelot

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