AO: Echo Chamber - Saturday

When: 12/12/2020


Number of Pax: 64

Pax Names: AirWolf, Aquaman, Birdhole, Bolt, Brutus, Bubbles, Chilipepper, Dasani, Defib, El Capitan, FIFA, Flash, Gridlock, Hammer Head, Lancelot, Lobstah, LT, Manziel, Messi, Mr. Clean, Olympus, Papa Smurf, Peach, Pincher, Rapino, Ripken, Schwab, Sir Wallace, Smudge, SnapShot, Stagecoach, Steel, Sterling, Sweet Pepper, Tugboat, woodford, Yamaha,

Number of FNGS: 6

FNG Names: Friar Tuck, Schwabb, Fonda, SpeedBoat, Ariel, Smasher

QIC: Mr. Clean, Sir Wallace, ChiliPepper

The BackBlast:

A very pleasant 62F made for a very nice turn out of Men, M’s & 2.0 totaling 64. Mr.Clean started us off with the 5 core principles and good solid mosey with variations. Followed by ChiliPepper Santa who delivered gifts in the form of warmup exercises. We then broke off into 3 groups and divided the beatdown into 3 sections with about 15mins in each section.

the Thang:

Mr. Clean sector 1:
Using the 12 days of Christmas as a theme every did a ladder type exercise…

The little elves started with 1 Storch stand …then they did 2 muscles poses and 1 stork stand… then 3 hips swings, 2 muscles poses and 1 stork stand… all the way until they got to 12.

Little Elves

1) Storch Stand
2) Muscle Poses
3) Hip Swings
4) Lunges
5) Jumping Ropes
6) Freddie Mercuries
7) Leg Kicks
8) Jogs in Place
9) Knee Lifts
10) Touch your toes
11) Raise the roofs
12) Clap your hands

The big elves started with 1 Burpee …then they did 2 CDDs and 1 Burpees… then 3 Merkins, 2 CDDs and 1 Burpees… all the way until they got to 12.


Big Elves

1) Burpee
2) Carolina Dry Docks
3) Merkins
4) Jump Lunges
5) Jumping Ropes
6) Freddie Mercuries
7) Flutter Kicks
8) Squats
9) Imperial Walkers
10) Moroccan NC
11) SSH
12) Over Claps
Sir Wallace Sector 2
High Intensity Interval workout game called, Santa says… (similar rules as Simon says) the Q is Santa, the PAX worker elves. Santa shouts an exercise by starting with “Santa Says” … SSH, or jump squats or Merkins, etc. but if some one gets caught starting the exercise with out the correct phrase they must do burpees until the next exercise is called.
This includes Santa says “Stop”, or the Q just says stop or recover without saying Santa says, Burpees! Once we had our fill of that, went right into Duck, Duck, Goose chase. It’s amazing how fatigued one gets planking while waiting to get goosed. We had some shockers, for example DeFib got caught by Sterling! All in fun though, honor and a pleasure to serve F3 in this capacity.
ChiliPepper Santa Sector 3
1. Split pax into groups At each corner. Get as Many Candy Canes (one at a time) from Christmas Bucket! Using the following modes of transportation during 2:00 minute segments.
a. Duck Walk
b. Bear Crawl
c. Crab Walk
d. Inch Worm
e. Crawl Bear
We finished about 6 minutes late but well worth it!
Circle of Trust (COT)
Sir Wallace capture the lengthy namorama. Bing, ChiliPepper, Rowdy and Aquaman all added to announcements. Praises were giving to the Men in F3 and to their M’s who strengthen them along with their 2.0’s that make the family complete. Closing prayer including giving thanks and glory to God, for strength to continue the path through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Lancelot couldn’t make the special beatdown event because being the fun loving person he is, quickly went to babysit for bubbles so he could make the beatdown with his other 2 kids. What a great example of “leave no pax behind” or where you left him. T Claps for all the tireless work our fearless Nantan Lancelot continues to display! He doesn’t just speak it, he lives it. All super amazing work to ChiliPepper and Mr. Clean for helping to make this a success!

… of course the best part, coffee and donuts at the pavilion along with grilled hotdogs and great fellowship!

I hate to wax poetic but it’s truly an honor and a pleasure to be a part of these tremendous High Impact Men!
Thanks be to God!
Sir Wallace

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