AO: Bad Clown Bootcamp - Friday

When: 03/05/2021


Number of Pax: 20

Pax Names: Bing, Brutus, Cavallino, Chilipepper, Clutch, Condenser, Crabcakes, Dasani, Dr Feelgood, Goob, Hang 10, Lancelot, Manziel, Marvel, Mr. Clean, Papa Smurf, Posh, Rapino, Sniper, Stagecoach, Steel,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Lancelot

The BackBlast:

F3 Friday


5 Core Principles

Open to all Men, Free, held Outdoors, Led by Peers on a Rotating fashion, and ends with COT, Circle of Trust

Warm Ups:  Good Morning’s – Agitators  –   Moroccan Nightclubs –  Motivators – Abe Vigoda’s

***Ruckers broke off into their own beatdown.

Part 1:

Round 1: 100 SSH + 50 Merkins + 50 Plank Jax + 50 BBSU’s + Run Lap

Round 2: 100 SSH + 40 Merkins + 40 Plank Jax + 40 BBSU’s + Run Lap

Round 3: 100 SSH + 30 Merkins + 30 Plank Jax + 30 BBSU’s + Run Lap

Round 4: 100 SSH + 20 Merkins + 20 Plank Jax + 20 BBSU’s + Run Lap

Round 5: 100 SSH + 10 Merkins + 10 Plank Jax + 10 BBSU’s + Run Lap

Part 2:  M.A.R.C.H in Cadence (Increments of5)

M: Mary Catherine Gallageher

A: Air Squats

R: Reverse Crunches

C: Carolina DryDocks

H: Hillbilly Squats

COT: Circle of Trust

March is Mental Battle Awareness Month

Thanks to our Brother Desani, he inspired us with his words of wisdom to make the right choices in how we face challenges.

SMH “living the 3rd” by serving those who serve the community 6-8pm Friday evening

Upcoming Races: Raider Run, Gator Wilderness Run,

GrowRuck pre-runs and workout opportunities planned moving forward

GR18 May 14-16, 2021    over 70 Pax registered

Praises: T-Claps to those who reached out to fellow Brothers, Condensor & Bing

Prayers: Brutus, Condensor, Desani & their loved ones

Educators, First responders, Law Enforcement, Leaders, Medical Staff, & Military

And any and all Pax who are facing physical & mental battles of their own, Laying your Hands on them in their time of need.

– Lancelot

“Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy.” —Norman Schwarzkopf

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