AO: Hard Knocks University Bootcamp - Wednesday

When: 04/19/2023


Number of Pax: 20

Pax Names: Bernie, Big Mac, Bing, Brutus, Chilipepper, Condenser, Goob, Kotter, Lancelot, Mrs. Doubtfire, Pusher, Ripken, Sir Wallace, Sonic Boom, Spamalot, Sparkler, Spartan, Sputnik, Stagecoach, Usher,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: N/A

QIC: Lance

The BackBlast:

04/19/2023 – Hard Knocks – University 6:15am
Lance’s 4th: 5 Core Principles
Today marked the 4th year of the introduction to the Gloom of F3. Ripken first introduced me to this initiative 4 years ago and I’ve tried to hold true to the 5 Core Principles ever since. No coupons needed.

The Scene: Parking Lot of Publix Commons

Welcome & Disclaimer
F3 has 5 core principles: 1) Free 2) Open to ALL men 3) Peer led in a rotating fashion 4) Held outdoors rain or shine, heat or cold 5) Ends in a Circle of Trust

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Our credo is to leave no man behind and leave no man where you found him.

Warm-O-Rama: Agitators, Michael Phelps, and Motivators from 8

The Thang: The Five Core Principles
• This workout is based on the 5 core principles with 4 stations and the center or COT, where we all come back together.

• large parking lot, with five markers where the center marker is centered from each of the four markers.

• Starting in the middle, run to Station 1, do the exercise, then run back to middle, do burpees, then run to Station 2, do that exercise, then run back to middle, burpees, and so on. Once you’ve gone to all 4 stations with burpees in between, that round is over and you’ll progress to the next round. Add an exercise at each station each round.

• For example: during round 3, at Station 1, you’ll do ten hand release merkins, ten clap merkins, and ten toe tap merkins, then run to the middle, do eight burpees, go to Station 2 and do the three exercises there, etc.

First 2 Rounds: Paired up w/ one pax communicate non-verbally, the exercises to the other.

Middle Station (COT)
Round 1 = 2 Burpees (for a total of 8)
Round 2 = 4 Burpees (for a total of 16)
Round 3 = 8 Burpees (for a total of 32)
Round 4 = 16 Burpees (for a total of 64)
(Double Burpee count each round, so Round 4 would be 16 burpees each time you come to the middle)

Station 1 (Free)
Round 1 – Hand Release Merkins x10
Round 2 – Add Clap Merkins x10
Round 3 – Add Toe Touch Merkins x10
Round 4 – Add Mike Tysons x10

Station 2 (All Men)
Round 1 – Shoulder Tap x15 (4 count cadence)
Round 2 – Add Mountain Climbers x15 (4 count cadence)
Round 3 – Add Peter Parkers x15 (4 count cadence)
Round 4 – Add Donkey Kicks x15 (4 count cadence)

Station 3 (Held Outside)
Round 1 – Monkey Humpers x20
Round 2 – Add Bonny Blairs x20 (Single Count)
Round 3 – Add Side Lunges x20 (Single Count)
Round 4 – Add Jump Squats x20

Station 4 (Peer Led)
Round 1 – LBCs x25 (4 count cadence)
Round 2 – Add Freddy Mercuries x25 (4 count cadence)
Round 3 – Add Heels to Heaven x25
Round 4 – Add Superman x25

Circle of Trust: Thank you All for making my 4 years in the Suncoast Gloom monumental. There have been highs and lows, and with that, I’ve become a stronger leader and Man with the help of my F3 Brothers, near and far.

The purpose of the first part of the Beatdown, was to illustrate, as in the past 8 months with my hearing challenges, we as brothers, are always available to help each other, physically and mentally. I appreciate the Pax who have helped me, by being my “ears” so I’m not totally lost in the gloom. F3 has been one of the best decisions in my life and I have no regrets. I look forward to the future, as I regain my hearing in 2 weeks, I plan to become more active on the Suncoast. Honored to be a part of a movement that has made such an impact on the community, as for myself. AYE! – Lance

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