AO: Bad Clown Bootcamp - Friday

When: 04/09/2021


Number of Pax: 21

Pax Names: Bing, Brutus, Chilipepper, Clutch, Condenser, Cottontail, Crabcakes, Hardhat, Kotter, Lancelot, Papa Smurf, Pincher, Posh, Rapino, Ripken, Stagecoach, Steel, Trump,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Zipper

QIC: Pincher

The BackBlast:

Weather: 59 degrees and perfect

F3: Disclamer/Core Principles


  • Mosey: 2 laps around the bridges/parking lot
  • Exercises: Arm Circles/Strawberry Pickers


Round 1: Guardrails (Set of exercises followed by a short run/sprint to touch the guardrail on other side of bridge) All in Cadence

  • Merkins 10
  • Calf Raises 20
  • Merkins 10
  • Squats 20
  • Merkins 10
  • Lunges 20 (10 per side)
  • Merkins 10
  • SSH 20
  • Merkins 10
  • Shoulder Taps 20
  • Merkins 10
  • Plank Jacks 20
  • Merkins 10
  • Dry dock 20
  • Merkins 10
  • Overhead Clap 20

Round 2: Ladder up brick pathway. (Every light post increments increase by 5)

  • First Light post, 5 LBC. Run to next Light post
  • Second Light post, 10 LBC. Run to next Light post
  • Third Light post, 15 LBC. Run to next Light post
  • Same patter till 50 reached, then run back to start. (No ladder down)

Round 3: Tower Jailbreak

  • Run up tower, plank for 6
  • Run down tower, plank for 6

Round 3: Round of Marry- Only requirement must be in cadence

  • 5 minutes with Several Pax getting practice on calling cadence

MESSAGE: Guardrails

Did anyone fear falling off the bridge in round 1? No cause of the guardrails we all felt secure.

Guardrails are in place to keep us on the proper path. If a guardrail is never tested then we will never know if it will hold. We need shield locks, (a horizontal relationship between men) to help fight the Flux, and be those guardrails for each other.

Down Range appearance from “Olaf” who is a HIM and a great example of what F3 can/will deliver. You are always be welcomed at Suncoast!


  • GrowRuck, nows the time to step outside your comfort zone and join the PAX for an unbelievable life changing experience. Anyone who makes that commitment now can do this and will no doubts benefit from the comradely and success you will find in achieving the finish line.
  • Pre-Rucks: 2 events for this Saturday, check Slack Rucking channel. Clearwater option and Rye Preserve option, 5:15 am launches.
  • Outlaw Trail Run next Tuesday check out Running Channel, 7:30pm and 8pm launches.


  • Zipper (FNG) for continue help down his new found path of recovery from the sad clown
  • Jay, per Stage Coach, who has throat cancer and needs peace and healing
  • Joe, Roadrash’s Father who is struggling with recovery from a surgery

Pincher Out!

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