AO: Dixieland - Monday

When: 08/09/2021


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: AirWolf, Bing, Chilipepper, Goob, Lobstah, Manziel, Mrs. Doubtfire, Posh, Pudge, ShamWow, Spartan, Stagecoach, Trump,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: AirWolf

The BackBlast:

Stated the 5 core principles.

Disclaimer: “Not a professional.  Please push yourself — don’t hurt yourself.”

W/U: Mosey that included: regular, high knees, butt kickers, karaoke (both sides), toy soldiers, and finished with merkins in cadance,

The thang:

4 corners: 7 burpees each corner of the parking lot (first lap), 14 big boi situps (each corner), 21 merkins in cadence (each corner), and 28 squats (each corner)

11s drill: Carolina Drydocks and Lunges (both sides=1 rep); had to Omaha and knock off early to get to the ….

Core samples (only got one set done before time expired): 20 LBCs IC, 20 long swimmers IC, 20 banana hammocks IC (10 each side), 20 rock pushers IC, 20 hippy dippies IC (10 each side)

No time for MoM, so straight to the CoT:

Wildpax is still on the calendar for 12/2-12/4 (get your money to Stagecoach to secure a spot).  Warren visits are temporarily on hold until his daughter gives the thumbs up to resume (preventive measure with the COVID delta stuff). 9/11 beatdown is planned for 8:46 that Saturday, but park early at Dillard’s and be ready to go; things will kick up a notch at the time the second plane hit — this is intended to be an event to raise awareness of F3 in the community in addition to be powerful for PAX.

Prayers for the kiddos returning to school, our first responders/military/etc., families that are challenged right now with life — let’s get our arms around each other (even if just figuratively) and provide support where we can.



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