AO: Echo Chamber - Saturday

When: 10/23/2021


Number of Pax: 18

Pax Names: AirWolf, Bing, Brutus, Drake, Enron, Fireball, Lobstah, Mrs. Doubtfire, Noodle, Papa Smurf, Pincher, Pyro, Sir Wallace, SnapShot, Spartan, Tugboat,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: N/A

QIC: Replay and AirWolf

The BackBlast:

18 pax showed up to wish Replay a happy 10th Birthday and receive his birthday beatdown!  Thanks for the support guys!  Welcome back to Anchovie who I couldn’t find in the Pax Name list (and Replay for that matter).

W/U: Mosey to dog park
Butt kickers, Karaoke both directing, High knees, Nur, 10x Strawberry pickers, 10x Merkins IC
Indian run back to the echo chamber

The Thang – 10/21 and explore

21 reps each of 10 exercise:
Imperial walkers
Freddie mercury
Peter Parkers
Carolina dry docks
Monkey humpers
Dying cockroaches
Mountain climbers

Dora ladder (run around the parking lot)
100 Merkins
200 Parker Peters
300 Squats
200 SSH
100 Overhead Claps

11s drill (MOT)
Big boys (karaoke across echo chamber)
Plank Jacks (karaoke back facing same way)

Mom: Several exercises that I apparently failed to properly record

CoT: Praises for Drake’s sister Theresa getting out of the hospital and prayers that her transition back home goes smoothly over the coming days; traveling mercies for Enron and his M to Italy; prayers that those training for upcoming events stay strong and remain injury-free; prayers over Mel and 8-Ball and Bring on the Ministry

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