AO: Hamer Time - Thursday

When: 07/08/2021


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Blade Runner, Chilipepper, Cornhole, Cottontail, Crabcakes, Defib, Enron, Goob, Jack Rabbit, Lobstah, Pincher, Spinal Tap, Stagecoach,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Goob

The BackBlast:

Weather-  Florida in July (it was humid)

At 5:14:30, YHC began to explain the plan for today in greater detail.  The PAX, fresh off completing their homework from Slack the night before, had questions, all of which were answered with the plan.  The plan- complete the figure 8 as a PAX to warm up the bodies.  Once back at the fountain, each PAX had their own segment to hunt a PR.  Whether it was the small loop, the big loop, or the figure 8, pick your poison and attempt your personal best.  In all, 9 of the 13 in attendance gave it a shot.  8 of those 9 set a PR on their pre-determined segment.  As for the 1, YHC tried and came up short but did not fail.  Failure would be defined as not trying.  And that was the message of the day- whether at home, at work, or otherwise, if you have been putting something off, a new way to approach a situation, that tough conversation, try it.  To try is to do.  Regardless of the outcome, you will not fail.  You may learn, but you will not fail.  Failure will only be found in the not trying.

Also, four PAX braved the bridge this fine Gloom.


  1. Green Beret beating on July 10th at Celery Fields, 8am.
  2. Spartan VQ at AP on July 10th, 7am.
  3. Ragnar team in need of 3 more team members.
  4. Wild Pax Dec 3-5, more info to come.


  1. Crabcakes M as she travels to Maryland for work
  2. Stagecoach job search
  3. ChiliPepper kid swap- Pepperocini moves to GA and his daughter moves back home
  4. Enron requested prayers for Bonnie
  5. Ripken’s father-in-law and father as they battle health issues
  6. Shamwow’s recovery from appendectomy
  7. Ben and David as they continue to fight cancer

Thanks for playing this morning men!


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