AO: Bad Clown - Tuesday

When: 01/26/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Clutch, Condenser, Dasani, Dr Feelgood, Goob, Kotter, SnapShot, Steel,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Dasani

The BackBlast:

Weather: 60 degrees, Foggy, Humid

The humidity is creeping back in.
Clutch and Goob were oin a pre-run when I arrived. As I prepped the Tower Snaoshot and Condenser occupied the parking lot.
The remaining pax rolled in and we covered the 5 core principals

  • Free (but not really)
  • Outdoors
  • Peer Lead
  • Open to all men
  • Ends in COT

The usual Mozi around the water with some high knees and butt kickers to get the blood movning.
A quick warmup included:

Windmills in cadence 10x
Impreial Walkers in cadence 10x
SSH in cadence 10x

And off to the Tower!

Each level had a designated excerise for 25 reps. Start at the bottom, work your way up to tower, stopping at each level to do the excerise. 10x burpees at the top and head back down the tower, again stopping at each level to do the excersise.

Floor: Plank Jacks 25x
Level 1: Squats 25x
Level 2: Mountain Climbers 25x
Level 3: Big Boy Situps 25x
Level 4: Pull Ups 25x
Top: Burpees 10x

We finished at the top at 6:00a sharp.

Snipers clay shoot saturday
Superhero 5k in Feb
Wilderness run
Grow Ruck
SMH Fundrasier
Rebel Run

We’re Here
Good Weather

Lancelot recovery
Goob’s friend Ben
Snapshots brother David
Law Enforcement
Medical Staff
Leaders of our country

Today’s message: Procrastination just means something wasnt important enough. If  something is truly important at that time, you’ll get it done. If its not important at that time, you simply wont do it. Be sure to prrioritize the important things and make sure they get done.

Thanks again for the opportunity. Leading this group is one of the best ways to start a day!

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