AO: Bad Clown Bootcamp - Friday

When: 03/03/2023


Number of Pax: 19

Pax Names: Brutus, Callahan, Chilipepper, Dora, Gold watch, Lancelot, Manning, Ponzi, Pork Roll, Posh, Sir Wallace, SnapShot, Sonic Boom, Spamalot, Spartan, Teletubby, Wolverine,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Brutus

The BackBlast:

Pre-blast: No time.  Last minute Q in place of Kotter, who had a sick 2.0 @ 3:24AM…

PREP:  Whip out an old weinke.  Right?

WEATHER: 69 and kinda humid

5:15AM: Go time.  5 core F3 principles.  DR = our buddy Puddin’ and Soft Hands from Chicago south side (but Cubs fan, go figure).

WARM UP: Circle up and some stretches top to bottom.  Gold Watch was late (I believe the reason, but 5:15 is 5:15 bruh), so was rewarded by watching everyone complete 5 burpees in his honor (just like 2x Wednesday @ Hard Knocks).  Mosey around the parking lot toward Target, dodge garbage trucks, nur, and to the traffic circle.  Pax stopped on the far side toward the mall and faced YHC on the Christmas decoration stage and completed 20 Sun God facing YHC (worship me, jabronis! Chilipepper faced the opposite direction) and 10 merkins, all in cadence.  Complete mosey back to the green turf. Pick up weinke sheet, waters and Bose, and head toward Target, stopping about 3 parking lot rows from the green turf.


Start at the first island close to the store fronts.  Looking east, the parking lot stripes (lines) will be stopping points for assigned exercises – pax will stop at every stripe, every other stripe, or every XX stripe as assigned by Q, and perform the assigned number of a specific exercise or group of exercises.  The 2 “islands” do NOT count as a stripe.

Exercise sheet has (13) total sets of exercises.  DR guest Soft Hands was asked to pick a number between 1 and 13; this would be the starting point on the established exercise set list – 11 was chosen.


3 x (10) Overhead Claps

4 x (10) SSH

4 x (15) Crunchy Frogs

1 x (1) Squat

2 x (2) Sun Gods

3 x (5) Imperial Walkers

4 x (5) Merkins

5 x (5) Burpees

4 x (10) LBCs + (10) Leg Lifts

PLAYLIST: SiriusXM Turbo – was kind of a waste, was not loud enough.

SUMMARY: Made it through 9 of the 13 sets.  


April 22 – Adventure trail run 5K, 10K, 15K

Mysterio2 – May 20

VMA stuff – lots of opportunities


Kiernan and family

BetaMax accident and recovery

Surgery date for Lancelot ear

For too many young men being sad clowns way too early


Thanks for trusting me to lead y’all!

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