AO: Bad Clown - Tuesday

When: 06/06/2023


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Big Mac, Fireball, Kotter, Manning, Mrs. Doubtfire, Rapino, Spamalot,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Spamalot

The BackBlast:

79 years ago today, Allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy, France.  Thus began one of the most consequential events in recorded human history, the defeat of the Axis powers during WWII.

The number of heroic acts by ordinary people could fill volumes and volumes of history books….and they have.

Today, YHC had the privilege of providing some insight on one of those individuals.


Mission Statement

5 Core Principles

5 point legal disclaimer

Special historical disclaimer – today’s beat-down was based on true events.  Some artistic liberty was taken.  Some.


To start off, we commemorated the 79 years since D-Day.

Arm circles (forward) x 20 IC

Arm circles (reverse) x 20 IC

Seal Claps x 20 IC

Jack Reachers x 19 IC



Every story has a protagonist, and this story is no different.  Time to go find him.

(Song:  Once in a Lifetime – Talking Heads)

Mosey towards Target, stopping for:

K – kneeling shoulder press x 10 IC

Continue to mosey, stopping for:

E – E2K (oblique crunches) x 10 IC

(Song:  For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield)


N – Never Cross Dolly (Hello Dolly with raised arms) x 10 IC


Our hero’s first name:   KEN


Turn the corner and head back to the grassy area, stopping for:

(Song:  Loving Maid – Led Zeppelin)

S – Squats x 10 IC


M – Merkins x 10 IC


A – Ave Vigoda x 10 IC


(Song:  Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon)

L – Lunge (r leg ) x 10


L – Lunge (l leg) x 10


Our hero….KEN SMALL


A day at the beach –

The date?  Late 1970s

The place:  Devon, England


Ken was an ordinary bloke, who enjoyed time at the beach.

While at the beach, he liked to listen to music and take walks.

Lunge walk down and back (Song:  Heros – David Bowie)

He also liked to swim.  (Song:  God Save the Queen – Sex Pistols)

Long Swimmers x 10 IC (Song:  Rockaway Beach – Ramones)

But most of all, he loved to collect sea shells

Strawberry pickers x 10 IC


One day, while collecting shells, he discovered some bullet shell casings.  And some greenish pieces of metal….

“Bloody Hell?!??” what is this, Ken thought.


Ken headed to the local pub for a whiskey.

Entering, he saw Captain McBoatface.  He told the captain what he found.

“Argh!  That’s nothing!  If you want to check something out, there is something on the sea bed about 100 yards out!!”


Interested, Ken and some friends (who happened to be scuba divers), went to go take a look.

Divebombers x 10 IC (Song:  Octopus’s Garden – The Beatles)


Lo and behold…it was an American Sherman Tank!!!

“BLOODY HELL!!!??!” – what is that doing off the coast of Devon??


Ken knew what he needed to do…find the answer to this question.  He knew it would be a journey.

Mosey the long way around the grassy area to the steps. – Song (I’m Gonna Be (500 miles) – The Proclaimers)

R leg step ups x 10

L leg step ups x 10

Mosey to front of Best Buy.


Ken quickly realized that it would take a lot of patience to find out the answer.  It would require a lot of waiting and arguing with politicians and military personnel.

Wall – Sit (Song:  I Fought the Law  – The Clash)

Wall Push x 10 IC

Wall – Sit

Wall Push x 10 IC


He was finally able to meet General X, who agreed to tell him the truth.  First, Ken needed to best him in hand to hand combat.

SUMO Drills – partner up.  Position inside of a parking space.  Try to push your opponent out of the space.

Rotate, and find a new partner.  Repeat.

Song:  Authority Song – John Mellencamp


Having beat General X, Ken awaited the truth.


“Follow me!” yelled General X.


Mosey back to grassy area.


“The truth is this…what you discovered was an American tank that was lost during Operation Tiger.”


“BLOOD HELL!!?! screamed Ken.  What is Operation Tiger??”

“I could tell you, but I would rather show you,” said General X.


NUR back to the front of Best Buy.  SONG:  Back in Time – Huey Lewis and the News


The General then told Ken the following:

(Song:   In the Mood – Glen Miller)

It was April 1944, and the Allied forces were training and preparing for the invasion of Normandy.  They used the Devon seaside to simulate Utah beach, due to the geographic features.

“But how did the tank end up at the bottom of the sea, asked Ken”


“Follow me… back to the future!!! – yelled the General.


Mosey back past the grassy area toward Target.


Unbeknownst to the Allies, the Nazis were patrolling the English channel.  They picked up a large amount of radio traffic and noticed lots of ships off the Devon coast.  They saw their chance and attached the unsuspecting Allied forces.  The destruction was widespread.  Partially embarrassed, the Allies covered up the disaster.


“BLOOD HELL!!??” exclaimed Ken!

Time for Life Affirmations for the length of “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen


Mosey back to grassy area.


Ken Small spent over 30 years investigating and asking questions about Operation Tiger.  The tank that he discovered on the sea bed now sits on the beach of Slapton Sands, Devon, England.  It serves not only as a monument to the 946 allied soldiers who died during Operation Tiger, but also to Ken Small.  Ken’s dedication to finding out the truth of what had happened on April 27, 1944 serves as an example to all.


YHC had the pleasure of meeting Ken in September of 1991, while studying abroad in Plymouth, England.


Ken passed away in 2004.

(Song:  Main Theme from Band of Brothers)





Thank you all for entertaining YHC this morning.  Was not sure it would go, but very pleased.

Be on lookout for communications from new SLT team.

More regular 2nd F opportunities.

Big Mac suggested a beach day.

Fireball may have sold his house.

Prayers for thanks and the gift of health


Thank you all – have a great day.



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