AO: Dixieland - Monday

When: 01/19/2022


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Barron, Brutus, Crabcakes, Fireball, Goob, Manziel, Pincher, Radar, Ripken, Spinal Tap, Trump,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Brutus

The BackBlast:

Pre-blast: YHC invited pax to University Corner for a good Beatdown. Problem is, YHC’s Q was at Winn Dixieland. Bing made the correction on Slack and tried to steal YHC’s pax…

PREP:  Lay out 8 cones and corresponding coupons in an octagonal fashion at the south end of the parking lot. TRY to light a candle for a source of warmth, but lighter out of butane. 

WEATHER: 44F.  Quasi-Crisp (isn’t that a breakfast cereal?) but not horrible. 

5:05AM: arrived to witness Ripken and Spinal Tap doing a couple Burlaps (now I know…)

5:15AM: Turn on Garmin. 5 core F3 principles.  No chitter chatter. 

Crabcakes and Goob were loitering in the general area acting like they were going to take a run. 

WARM UP: parking lot mosey CCW with usual nur, butt kickers, high knees. Stop @ Panera entrance for some SSH, Strawberry Pickers, M Phelps, Agitators, leg stretches, and some merkins (maybe?). Finish mosey to cones. 

THE THANG: Ring of Fire. Ripken also tried to light the candle 👆🏻 for warmth, also with no success, and in a fit of anger chucked the lighter in the general direction of LAF. Upon contact with the ground, the lighter burst 💥 into a massive ball of flames 🔥 , singing the eyebrows and knuckle hairs of participating pax. It was spectacular. 

Coincidentally, there were non-running 8 pax this gloom; a perfect one pax per station.  AMRAP prescribed exercises @ each station written on sheets of pain placed inside gallon storage bags: 50 seconds on, then 10 seconds recovery and move CW to the next station. A target number of exercises were provided at each station. For this Beatdown there were no consequences for not meeting the target number 🤔.

Visit each of the 8 stations, which completes one set, then all pax run one loop around parking lot WITH a cement filled beer can in each hand.  When the 6 is in from the run, start the ring of fire again with a new set of exercises. Target to complete 4 sets. There were coupons at 2 of the stations. 

(8) Exercises / stations per set as follows (with target number of exercises at each station in parentheses):

Set #s 1 & 3: Tricep extensions w/25# dumbbell or 20# plate (25), burpees (13), LBCs (45), SSH (45), Curls w/~55# curl bar or 2 x ~30# dumbbell (25), burpees (13), Shoulder taps (35 ea), Squats (40).

Set #s 2 & 4: Flutter kicks (40 x 2), Merkins (30), lunges (18 ea), burpees (13), Overhead press w/~55# curl bar or 2 x ~30# dumbbell (30), American Hammers (40 ea), Moroccan Night Clubs w/ cement cans (60), burpees (13).

PLAYLIST: SiriusXM Turbo

SUMMARY: almost perfect; 2 stations short of completing 4 full sets. 

After running around the corner until we couldn’t see them and playing paper scissors rock for 35 minutes, Crabcakes and Goob returned, sat down and watched real men complete the last set. 


Superhero 5K Feb 5

Raider Run 5K Mar 12

Young Life Funnest 5K ever (Fireball)


Brutus’ Grammie and son (FIL) Eric, as Grammie reaches end of life @ 103

Maziel’s M knee issues

Crabcake’s rumpus

Spinal Tap and Radar co-workers health issues

Barron for continuing to stay on the righteous path


Lots of fun!  Thanks for trusting YHC!

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