AO: Hamer Time - Thursday

When: 07/22/2021


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Bing, Blade Runner, Brutus, Defib, Excalibur, Gridlock, Maui, Pincher, Stagecoach, Trump, Wahlburger, Yamaha,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: N/A

QIC: CrabCakes

The BackBlast:

Clear Sky 77Degrees, Humidity at 84% made for a feel like temperature of 79degrees or the equivalent of running in and breathing through a wool sweater .

YHC was contacted last evening by Posh and asked if for some reason he, Posh, didn’t make the Q this morning if YHC would mind covering.  Realizing that it was Posh’s Bday YHC gladly accepted.  When YHC shared this exchange between Posh and himself this morning….minds were left to wonder what could Posh be doing on his Bday that might possibly interfere in his ability to post the following day…..YHC will leave the LRT out of this BB and allow your minds to wonder as well……

The Thang…..

YHC announced that the month couldn’t come to an end without the pleasure of doing Fort Hamer Bridge repeats….PAX were encouraged to push themselves uphill and utilize the downhills to recover.  YHC was excited to see that all 13 in attendance chose to run this morning and left their ruck sacks behind, although Maui wears that sweat jacket that probably weighs as much as a ruck sack.

YHC encouraged PAX to be back in parking lot for COT at 0605.

PAX Completed anywhere between 4.5-6 during the beatdown and a few totaled over 8 when pre-run efforts were combined.  GREAT JOB by ALL.

YHC said that today’s beatdown was titled “Motivation”  I believe that motivation is the correct word based upon the feeling that we each acknowledged was present when another PAX offered encouragement or there was a PAX running towards you or you were close to passing another PAX going up the hill…..we each motivate one another and push one another to go further, try harder, be a better person.  Gridlock provided a testimonial that was shared from Wahlburger during their run about how much more enjoyable it was to be out running with other PAX.

Glad you came out Wahlburger…..see you next week and the week after and so on and so on.


Attend the beatdown Saturday at AP and show Shamwow respect 4x’s.

Ragnar Trail Run WV.  3 Runners needed

10 Year Anniversary NC October

WildPax Weekend in December check with Stagecoach.  $100 to reserve your spot



Bridge-A -Life and positive momentum coming out of Board Meeting.  Plans for meeting with Casey DeSantis

CrabCakes Sister In Law successful surgery and showing signs of positive response

ShamWow receiving all clear from Dr to return to beatdowns

Baron and his positive experience at Young Life Camp and positive steps taken since….


Yamaha’s M for a safe and stress free drive home from Michigan with 3 kids.

Wahlburger’s son and the Bayside Mission team for their work and impact in Anchorage, Alaska.  Safe trip home for the entire team

StageCoach job search and prayers for his Sister and the challenges she is facing with blood clots in her legs.


Great way to start the day brothers…..



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