AO: Bad Clown - Tuesday

When: 01/24/2023


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Beta Max, Callahan, Condenser, Fireball, Kotter, Ponzi, SnapShot, Spamalot, Trane,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: Hat Trick

QIC: Callahan

The BackBlast:

5:15 welcomed 9 pax and 1 DR coming from Ohio, visiting for two weeks. Apparently they get some more sleep up north because it is too cold?? DR guest Hat Trick was greeted at 5:30 which is what he is used to being the start time.

3 runners separated for their run (Kotter, Fireball & Spamalot)

5 Minute Mosey and Exercise:

SSH, Strawberry Pickers, Imperial Walkers

Ring of Fire: Merkin Style – Circle up and get into plank position. One person starts with a merkin and the rest proceed in clockwie rotation. Keep performing one merkin at a time in rotating fashion. Last one standing (planking) wins. FYG took the crown.

Main Exercise:

Two sides of the turf  (length wise) were home base for a set of exercises at each side. First round includes 3 exercises on each side and 5 burpees on your way over to the other side. After each round we held plank while one-by-one pax ran a lap around the turf (Taste of WildPax 2022 with a much more pleasant aroma)

Round 1

25 reps of Carolina Dry Docks, Lunges and Big Boy Sit-ups

5  burpees

50 reps of Calf Raises, Mountain Climbers and Heels to Heavan

Taste of WildPax 2022

Round 2

25 reps of Merkins, LBCs and Squat Jumps

5  burpees

50 reps of SSH, Plank Jacks and Flutter Kicks

Taste of WildPax 2022

Round 3

50 reps of Merkins, LBCs and  Squat Jumps

Ended with a round of Mary

COT Announcements – Spamalot Q at University Hardknocks, some kind of SuperHero running event, F3 dinners coming up, VMA opportunity on Saturday 1/28

COT Prayers – Keep our DR guest Hat Trick’s Brother-in-law Steve in your prayers. Keep Cardinal’s family in your prayers. Keep Fireball in your prayers. Keep us all in your prayers. Prayer is a reminder that there someone in control beyond us – and although it sounds repetitve, prayer is a reminder that there is something more than just what we see and feel. There is work beyond us and we need to stay focused on the Truth no matter our circumstances.

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