AO: Bee Hive - Thursday

When: 03/25/2021


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Clutch, Condenser, Diesel, Hardhat, Kotter, Lancelot, Papa Smurf, Rapino, SnapShot,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: SnapShot

The BackBlast:

Temp 64°
When I arrived at Bayside there was already a car in the lot, but no one to be seen.  Guess Lancelot was off somewhere running!
When all arrived we had 9 HIM who had got out of the fastback to join me for my 3rd anniversary beatdown.

5 core principles:
•Open to all men
•Held outdoors
•Led in a rotating fashion
•Ends in a Circle of Trust

We started off with some bad back stretches and the a mosey to the east side of the parking lot, where we completed the following excercises: meraccan nightclubs, agitators, Micheal Phelps,  30.60.90.

Thang 1:
11s in parking lot.  Burpees and plank janks.  There was alot of chatter about Indian food between Papa Smurf and Diesel, which made everyone hunger. Had to call an audible for 7s.

Thang 2: Baysball at Bayside
With four cones set up in the parking lot for bases, each cone had instructions and half a deck of playing cards.  Each player was to draw a card at home plate and do the excercise below, then move to the next base, etc.

♥️Hearts: Cardio-ssh or invisible jump ropes
♦️Diamonds: Upper body-merkins or carolina dry docks
♠️Spades: Legs-squats or lunges
♣️Clubs: Core-big boy sit ups or lbc

The number on the card plus 10.
Keep your cards, once you get one card of each suit you hit a homerun, run all four of the bases, start another round. I am pretty sure that everyone made at least five trips around the bases before time was up.

It has been an honor to be in F3 now for 3 years. I am in the best shape that I have ever been, although what shape I don’t know.

Prayers: Papa Smurfs sister, Snapshots sister and family, all that are dealing with mental issues.  Also for the victims and their families of the shootings in Atlanta and Boulder.

Praises: for the nine that got out of bed this morning.  Our military,  first responders, and medical staff.  Thank you God.

It is always a pleasure to lead HIM like this today.


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