When: 10/03/2020


Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: Chilipepper, Drake, Lancelot, Manziel, Olympus, Pincher, Pyro, Ripken, Rowdy, Sir Wallace, Stagecoach, Sweet Pepper, Trump, Tugboat,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Silver Bullet

QIC: Lobstaah

The BackBlast:

At exactly 7:00 am, on a comfortable low 70’s Saturday morning we started by covering the 5 Core principals and welcoming Silver Bullet to his first in-person beatdown.  This was followed by a Mosey around the parking lot that included butt kickers, high knees, karaoke to the right, and left, as well as a nur.


We then took the workout down to the basketball court and circled up for some warm-ups and stretching.  We started with a 10 count each, in cadence, of side-straddle hops, strawberry pickers, Michael Phelps, and Agitators.  Followed by stretching of bilateral hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors, and hip adductors.


The Work-out started with Six Minutes of Mary including a 15 count, in cadence, of each of the following exercises:


Mountain Climbers


Shoulder Taps

Freddy Mercury’s

Peter Parker’s

American Hammers

Parker Peter’s

Heel Taps


These exercises were followed by the introduction of the Lobstaah Roll.  Which consisted of a prone elbow plank for a 15 count in cadence, before rolling into side elbow plank for another 15 count in cadence, followed by rolling onto our backs for a 10 count of straight leg big boy sit-ups, followed by rolling into a side elbow plank of the other side for a 15 count in cadence and finishing with rolling back into a prone elbow plank position for a 15 count in cadence.   This new exercise was beloved by all.


We then broke up into 4 groups and spread out into 4 different stations on the basketball court and performed the following exercises for 1 minute each, followed by another Lobstaah Roll and a short run, before moving to the next station.


Station #1

Pickle pointers

Imperial walkers

Moroccan nightclubs

German – Push the Boulder


Station #2

Monkey Humpers

Plank jacks

Overhead claps

German – Short Swim


Station #3



Carolina Dry Docks

German – Scissor Arms and Legs


Station #4


Crunchy Frogs


German – Arms up and down (Temper Tantrums)


We finished at exactly 8:00 and the PAX were extremely disappointed that we ran out of time to perform one more Lobstaah Roll.  They will have to wait until my next Q.



Give 2 Give campaign has started.

Walk for Alzheimer’s on November 21st.  See Rowdy or Manziel for further information.

Rowdy has an upcoming Jambalaya Fundraiser.

Please be respectful of others at all AO’s.



Sir Wallace praised the Pax for their support with the Laps for Life 5K

Drake was very thankful that he was finally able to see his Mother.



For Drakes Father-in-Law and M

For Ripken’s Father-in-Law

For our Nation’s First Responders and Healthcare Workers dealing with all of the current challenges.

For our President, First Lady, and everyone around the world fighting COVID.

For the Country during this contentious election season.



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