AO: Dixieland - Monday

When: 10/31/2022


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: AirWolf, Chilipepper, Jimmy Dean, Manning, Mrs. Doubtfire, Repino, Ripken, Sonic Boom, Spamalot, Stagecoach, Usher,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Chilipepper

The BackBlast:

The horrors of Halloween are upon us!  Quick disclaimers and 5 core principles


Moxy, counterclockwise.    The horror!  We took a pause to perform monkey humpers, then pickle pointers, hot chicks and pickle pounders as we ran around the parking lot.   PAX teamed up in teams of 2, PAX 1 did LBCs while PAX 2 came to get some coupons.


Main Course – Dora.  – Tag Team Circuit

While PAX A performs the exercise, PAX B does a 600 ft dash, then switch.  Next time PAX B is up he Bear Crawls 100ft and Crawl Bears 100ft, then continues the exercise, etc..


  • PAX A
    • 100 – Man Makers
    • 150 – Masonry Swings
    • 200 – Uneven Merkins
    • 250 – LBCs
    • 300 – Clean and Jerk w/Coupon
    • 350 – Masonry Squats
  • PAX B alternates
    • 600 ft dash
    • Bear Crawl 100ft/ Crawl Bear 100ft



  • WildPax
  • Shirt Order
  • Salvation Army Christmas party
  • Ragnar need more PAX



  • JD best friends wife passing Cassandra
  • JD friend  Karen under cancer treatment
  • Usher’s friend Pete got license and is working but continue to battle cancer.
  • Pinchers iron man Saturday!
  • Bell ringer third round cancer free!

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