AO: Echo Chamber - Saturday

When: 11/05/2022


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: AirWolf, Bruin, Holy Hops, Kotter, Lobstah, Mrs. Doubtfire, Pork Roll, Replay, Spamalot, Spartan, Usher,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Bruin

QIC: Pork Roll

The BackBlast:

The BackBlast:

07:00 – 5 core principles and disclaimers were shared.

Mozy from the Gazebo to the Basketball court with several modifiers in between (ie. NUR, high knees…etc)

E.M.O.M. |  A.M.R.A.P. | Let’s go!!!

Station 1:

Round 1: Hill Billy Walker

Round 2: Imperial Walker

Round 3: Toy Soldiers

Station 2:

Jump Rope

Station 3:

Round 1: Alternating Lunges

Round 2: Reverse Lunges

Round 3: Curtsy Lunges

Station 4:

Slam Ball

Station 5:

Round 1: Freddy Mercury

Round 2: Heels to Heaven

Round 3: Flutter Kicks

Station 6:

Bicep Curls

Station 7:

Round 1: Side Straddle Hops

Round 2: Burpees

Round 3: High Knees

Station 8:

Kettle Snatch and Press

Station 9:

Run to the Fence and Back

Station 10:

Round 1: Al Gore

Round 2: Squat Jump

Round 3: Monkey Humper

Station 11:

V-Up with Medicine Ball

Station 12:

Round 1: Crunchy Frog

Round 2: Big Boys

Round 3: LBC

Station 13:

Run to the fence and back

Station 14:

Side pass, squat

Station 15:

Side pass, squat

Station 16:

Round 1: Rope outside circles

Round 2: Rope inside circles

Round 3: Single arm slams

Station 17:


Station 18:

Perfect Merkins



Ended at 08:00 after lots of mumble chatter and plenty of complaining from Air Wolf regarding my selection of music. I think he prefers The Backstreet Boys.

Summary: Had a great time! Sweat our a** off! Got bits by loads of skeeters…



  • WildPax: November 17th-19th
  • Three cheers to Pincher
  • Salvation Army X-Mas Party (no date yet)
  • Ragnar (couldn’t hear the date on my recording)


Praises: Praises to an FNG | Bruin! Praises to the Q. Praises to Kotter. Shoutout to Lazy Karl.

Prayer Requests:

  • Prayers for Lancelot
  • Prayers for Alex
  • Prayers for all our PAX who have “fallen off” and need some encouragement to get back on the horse



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