AO: Dixieland - Wednesday

When: 09/08/2021


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Bluegrass, Lobstah, Manziel, Pincher, Trump,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: 0

QIC: Posh

The BackBlast:

Wednesdays are busy on the Suncoast now, with the regular University workout and a ruck workout too. So it was great to see several PAX  this morning, plus Goob, Crabcakes, and Cornhole who were running laps.

The centerpiece of this morning’s workout was an exercise ladder. I asked the PAX to imagine a rope ladder on the floor in front of them The plan was this:

  • Use a mode of transportation to go down the ladder.
  • Complete a 5 count of the exercise at the end of the ladder.
  • Go back down the ladder.
  • Complete the exercise at the other end of the ladder.
  • Repeat for 90 seconds.

So here are some of the reps we did:

  • 2 feet in then 2 feet out of the ladder boxes. 5 LBCs at each end.
  • Diagonal bursts through the box. 5 jump-and-catches at the end.
  • Scissors in-and-out of the ladder boxes. 5 plank jacks at the end.

PSA: The Winn Dixie AO location is definitely an upgrade over Adventure Park. But the parking lot surface is more cheese-grater than smooth concrete. Merkins, plank jacks etc led to plenty of complaints from PAX.

There was a light rain towards the end of the workound which cooled everything down, just in time for the runners to join our COT. Thanks to all the PAX who joined us the morning, helping make each other a little stronger and a little faster.

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