When: 02/20/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Big Mac, Chilipepper, Dragnet, Enron, Lobstah, Pincher, Pyro,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Chilipepper

The BackBlast:

Good morning.  Ruck friendly beatdown.  5 core principles were uttered and Mozy.

Extended Mozy to the bridge.  On the way we did but kickers and high knees.  Circles up prior to bridge and  did 12 monkey jumpers, 12 hot chicks, arm circles and Michel Phelps.  Crossed the bridge and performed 12 strawberry pickers.  Ran half way around the lake and 12 Merkins with a few 6 inches in the mix.  Continued with the Mozy and stopped to do squats.  Continued to the bridge.  On the railes we performed 10 deep squats, 10 incline Merkins, 10 squats on left then right leg.  We then returned to the echo chamber via a  single file run with alternating sprint by the pax at the end of the line.

Pax grabbed coupons and TABATA 30 on 15 off x 4 of the following.

Crocodile Push-ups

Bear Complex

Squat overhead hold

Front raises

Lunge twist


Tclaps to Pax who wore the ruck and yielded a coupon!


With a few minutes to spare we lined up and did a sprint to and back from the fence.


Total mileage 2.0



  • Register for GrowRuck!
  • Coop lead ruck Sat 27 at 9:00 Siesta Key Lifeguard Tower
  • Prayers for Pincher and family
  • Enron’s 2.0 upcoming surgery
  • Pyro’s recovery
  • All our injured and recovering pax
  • Our country
  • First responders, police and military



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