AO: Bad Clown Bootcamp - Friday

When: 04/28/2023


Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: Bernie, Beta Max, Breadcrumbs, Brutus, Chilipepper, Chopzone, Fireball, Goob, Pyro, SnapShot, Spartan, Stagecoach, Usher, Wolverine,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: 0

QIC: Beta Max

The BackBlast:

Welcome, Brisket from Tallahassee, who came down for Mysterio 2.

We started off the morning with some core principles (where Brutus stated we might get thunderstorms and I reminded him we are held outdoors rain, snow, or thunderstorms), our mission statement, and a disclaimer that I am not a professional. We then took a quick mosey that included some strawberry pickers, overhead claps, side straddle hops, and monkey humpers. We then moseyed back to the fake grass area for today’s beatdown.

Today’s beatdown was called the F3 Exercise Draft, based on the NFL Draft Thursday night. We broke out into teams of 5. Each team picked a card from the bucket. The card included the pick of the draft (#1-31), the NFL team name, the player that was selected, and an exercise. Each team member had to perform the exercise on the card. Then based on the draft pick they would run to a store

Picks #1-#10 run to Chipotle and back

Picks #11-#20 run to Target and back

Picks #21-#31 run to Ulta and back

Teams also had the opportunity to trade their run, but then they would have to perform DOUBLE the exercise on the card. One team had some bad luck and selected most of the top 10 picks meaning numerous runs to Chipotle. The other teams did take advantage of the trae opportunity on a few of the draft picks.

Overall it was a great morning for exercise and the weather held off until we finished.


Mysterio 2 4/29

Attend Echo Chamber and the Tower tomorrow if you are not going to Mysterio 2 4/29

Wild Pax

Sup-N-Run 5K 5/6

VMA kindergarten and 5th-grade graduation coming soon. Brutus is looking to gift the kids some items… more to come.


Stagecoach’s sister Kim, battling cancer

Wolverine’s dad, post-surgery

Everyone participating in Mysterio 2

Fireball’s house going on the market, open house Monday (help him with his garage this weekend if you are free)

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