AO: Bad Clown - Tuesday

When: 10/19/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Condenser, Dasani, Hardhat, Papa Smurf, SnapShot, Spartan, Steel,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: SnapShot

The BackBlast:

Temp 68     Feels like 68

Welcome to F3: Fitness, Fellowship, Faith
5 core Principles
Held outdoors
Open to all men
Lead in a rotating fashion
Ends in a Circle of Trust
Creedo: Leave No Man Behind , But Leave No Man Where You Find him.

Mission Statement: to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

We began with a mozey thru the main walkway and around to the West side of the tower.  There we started with SSH, Windmills, Strawberry Pickers, and Michael Phelps.  We then used the steps for dips, step ups and incline merkins and decline merkins.

We headed to the home plate of the baseball field, that YHC constructed.  Each base had half a deck of cards and instructions.   Each player would draw a card and do the number of reps on the card plus 10, so 6 was 16. There were two excercises for each suit.  If the PAX did merkins the first time around, he was to do Carolina Dry Docks the next time around the bases.  Once a pax had a complete suit, that was a homerun, run all the way around the bases.  SCORE
Excercises were as followed:
❤ Cardio: SSH or Invisible Jump Ropes
♦️Upper Body: Merkins or CDD
♠️Legs: Squats or Lunges
♣️Core: Big Boys or LBC
Continue with rounds until…
With 10 minutes left we jumped up to the Bing deck for a round of Mary including: Burpees,  30-60-90, Merkins, American Hammers,  Suzanne Summers, overhead claps,  and others.

Announcements: Wildpax weekend.  Turkey Trot and other runs.  Working on 8 Balls Bring on the Ministry Mobile Shower Unit trailer this weekend at AP.
Prayers and praises: our 2.0s, Dasani’s work situation,  Spartan’s family member dealing with divorce. All other mentioned prayers.
YHC has started listening to the F3 Stuff Worth Trying podcast and this week they mentioned that in the beginning of the beatdown we should state the 5 Core Principles,  Creedo,  and Mission Statement, therefore that is how I will be starting each beatdown that I Q.  If you have not listened, I suggest you give it a try.
It is always a pleasure to lead this group.

SnapShot   📸

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