AO: Bee Hive - Thursday

When: 06/24/2021


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Condenser, Rapino, Schweitzer, Sir Wallace, SnapShot,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Sir Wallace

The BackBlast:

Weather: Mild

Downrange guest: Straitjacket from N Georgia

5:15 sharp the F3 five core principles and disclaimer announced.

Warmorama:  mosey around parking lot with dynamic stretching. Circle up: Merkins jacks, Abe vegota’s, 30, 60, 90’s, squats, arm circles


Elevens: start at cone

11 burpees

Sprint to next cone (50 yards)

1 heels to heaven

Sprint back

10 burpees

2 h to h….

So on….  Totaling 66 burpees and 66 hh

Next Level:

Hold plank for 30 secs,

then lower to forearm plank for 30 secs.

10 merkins IC.

10 peter parker IC

10 mountain climber IC

10 merkins IC.

10 shoulder taps IC

Rinse / Repeat Returning to plank

completed 5 rounds ending exactly at 6:00a

(that’s 5 mins of planks, 100 merkins, 50 PP, 50 MC, and 50 shoulder taps)


July 3rd AP 7am patriot games, July 10 celery fields 7a-1pm green beret challenge

praises/ prayers

big shot-out to all the pax getting out in the gloom on a regular and rising to the challenge of leading Q’s

continued prayers for Snapshot brother in law and family, Ripken’s M’s close friend, and for all those who are suffering


Seeking God is the first step to be a virtuous leader.

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