AO: Hard Knocks University Bootcamp - Wednesday

When: 01/05/2022


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Brutus, Fireball, Kotter, Mrs. Doubtfire, Props, Snooki, Sonic Boom, Sparkler, Spartan, Usher,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Evan Keats - Snooki

QIC: Sonic Boom 👊

The BackBlast:

We started with a warm-up and 2 minutes of Rampage of Gratitude, where we formed groups of two and rapid fired what we’re grateful for going back and forth.

The Beatdown:

Suicides that revolved around burpees. There were 6 stations set up:

Burpees, Leg Raises, Squats, Merkins, American Hammers, and Shoulder taps.

Pax had to start with 10 burpees, run to leg raises and complete 10, then back to burpees for another 10, then to Squats for 10.

We continued 10 burpees between each exercise. Once all exercises were complete, we went on to round two where we still did 10 burpees, but 9 of everything else.

We listened to some more motivational stuff:

Beatdown ended at 0555, Fireball stretched us out for 3 minutes and we picked new partners for another rampage of gratitude to lift everyone’s spirit!


Jan 8 Bootcamp at Greenbrook. M’s and 2.0’s will join after fro breakfast. Be sure to fill out the sign-up sheet.

Jan 9, EH event at United Methodist Church with Chilipepper

Next Saturday, new AO starting at Parish UMC – The Watch Tower

Feb 5: 5K Superhero run

Gator Wilderness run in April or March

NOT Official AO starting at Heritage Harbor by Blade Runner


Snapshot, Lancealot, Spamalot, Cottontail and all others who are infected with COVID

Sparkler is starting a worship service and his M is pregnant with their 4th sparkle!

Fireball’s company had 3 of their clients with traumatic brain injury pass away last week.

Chillipepper’s daughter had an interview that went well. She applied with a cruise line for their stage management position.

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