AO: Dixieland - Monday

When: 12/28/2020


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Airwoulf, Bing, Brutus, Lifeboat, Manziel, Posh, Ripken,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Manziel

The BackBlast:

Weather: 56 degrees and a full moon (as confirmed by Brutus)

Also attending from downrange (but not on our dropdown list): Sully

Yesterday’s Browns game, a brutal loss to the Jets, ended about 13 hours before the start of today’s beatdown. It wasn’t enough. I’ve suffered from being a Browns fan for decades, now it was the pax’s turn.

After core principles and disclaimers were shared, we set off on a mozi with butt kickers, nur, high knees, carioca x2 and toy soldiers. It was then off to the rink for a COP featuring the usual SSH, strawberry pickers, hillbilly walkers and moroccan nightclubs, then we threw in some mountain man shitterz and a Captain Thor because why not?

The first part of the Thang was a Dora, in which the pax teamed up to complete 150 merkins, 200 lunges and 250 LBCs – one doing the exercise while the other ran a lap of the parking lot. An unforeseen consequence of the mountain mans in the COP was that they seemed to stimulate certain things in the pax, and our visitors found out why we call it the “echo chamber.” We also received a review of the new Wonder Woman movie (apparently it sucks), which somehow lead into a discussion about what Janet Jackson was using under her costume in that Super Bowl halftime show all those years back. Remember, if you don’t post, you’re not privy to these conversations!

The Dora completed, we next moved on to a starfish – start in the center of the rink, do an exercise, then take the mode of transportation to one of the corner face off dots for another exercise, transportation back to the center, and rinse & repeat until you’ve done it for all 4 corners. We got in two sets: 1st set was Carolina drydocks in the middle, flock of seagulls in the corners, with bear crawl as transportation. 2nd set was salsa dips in the middle (complete with Ripken explanation for the tourists), overhead claps in the corners, and duck walk as transportation. With that, 6.00 arrived.


  • Friday is Jan. 1, which is the 10th anniversary of the 1st F3 workout. We will be having a special convergence at AP at 7.00 (so don’t go to Benderson at 5.15) to re-create the first ever F3 workout, which I’m positive will not include any Richard Simmons.
  • Sign up for the Bridge a Life run in February, support Gridlock’s organization. 5k and 10k options this year.

Prayers & Praises:

  • Sully’s father going in for bladder removal surgery today
  • Like with Fort Hamer, we went around and each pax shared a prayer of their own
  • Injured pax
  • Police, troops, firefighters, first responders, doctors, nurses (I should have given a special shout-out to the officers in Nashville who responded to the bombing and evacuated the area, so I’m doing it here)

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