AO: Hamer Time - Thursday

When: 04/08/2021


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Bing, Blade Runner, Cottontail, Enron, Pincher, Spinal Tap,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: CrabCakes

The BackBlast:

62 degrees humidity at 94% wind 5mph SSE

Apparently YHC’s pre-blast announcement scared some PAX off…this week we had 7 attend the Fort which is one of our lower#’s as of late.  Realizing that the original plan wasn’t going to work YHC declared that we would run the 6.2 loop but in the opposite direction from most weeks. We would take a left at the Savannah Lakes sign instead of our normal right…..about a 1/4 mile in Bing announced that he was in the mood for some figure eights instead of the normal 6.2 mile loop.  YHC called the 2nd audible of the morning and we completed a series of figure 8’s.

This gloom was a little darker than most….I actually think Bing was a little scared of the dark and wanted to stay close to his car in case he saw the boogie man.

The PAX broke off into 3 groups and covered between 5-6 miles.


Ruck Training this Saturday Rye Preserve at 0500-0900

Outlaw Trail Run Tuesday 4/13

Gator Wilderness Trail Run 4/24

Sup and Run 5/01

Grow Ruck 5/14-5/16


Prayers and Praises

prayers for all the PAX losing the battle to the Fart Sack….

Spinal Tap’s M and her relationship with her Mother.

Enron’s 2.0 fitted for a new prosthetic and working first full day with it.

Joe….Road Rash’s father recovering from surgery but experienced complications and was transported last night by ambulance.

Cottontail’s mother dealing with nagging injuries from recent accident

Enjoyed starting my day with you men….thanks for coming out to the Fort

CrabCakes  out….



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