AO: Bee Hive - Thursday

When: 10/08/2020


Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: Clutch, Kotter, SnapShot,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: SnapShot

The BackBlast:

With only three, Kotter, Clutch and Snapshot, in attendance and the five core principles mentioned, no FNG, we began with a mosey to and around the circle twice with butt kickers, and high knees. Then we headed back to the main aisle for:
20 ssh
30 Moroccan night clubs
20 Strawberry Pickers

We continued our mosey to the end of the aisle for:
25 American Hammers
25 LBC

We mosied back to the circle where two of us held the Al Gore and the 3rd person run the circle, then switch.  Rinse and repeat.

Mosey back to main aisle:
All pax got in a plank position using the curb.  We plank walked the curb in both directions.

Our Mosey continued to the end of the aisle for 20 Monkey Humpers.  Mosied back to the circle where we planked while one person ran the circle.  Rinse and repeat.

We met back at the main aisle for 30 moraccan night clubs.  Then back to the end of the main aisle for 25 lbcs, 25 American hammers.  Around the parking lot stopping for a 2 minute Al Gore, then back to the corner for 25 flutter kicks and 25 Freddie Mercury’s. Back to the end of the aisle four 30 overhead Clapp and 30 arm circles 15 each direction.

This week we lost a Rock and Roll great, Eddie Van Halen.  So to finish up  I played their classic Jump.  We did SSH until the word jump, then jump squats for each “Jump”.

Announcements: Give 2 Give F3 Foundation.

Praises: for all pax that were able to get out of bed this morning.

Prayers: for Gator Wilderness Camp  and the young man that passed away this weekend.
SnapShots brother in law fighting cancer.

How I could forget to mention Hightower in our prayers? But I did and I do apologize. I did say a prayer for him when I got back to my car and realize my stupidity. Prayers Hightower for a job well done.

Always great to lead this group.

SnapShot   ?

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