AO: Dixieland - Monday

When: 03/08/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: AirWolf, Big Mac, Cavallino, Enron, Goob, Posh, Stagecoach,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: CrabCakes

The BackBlast:

1-800-273-8255 is the # for The Suicide Prevention Hotline….I hope none of us ever need to dial it but it’s a number we all need to have available  

48 degrees and clear skies

YHC arrived at 0507 to 3 cars in the parking lot…..Goob was off on a pre-run…..he made it back in time for the Mosey….Stagecoach and Cavalino were making their way to the pavilion.

After preparing the chamber for The Thang YHC returned to the pavilion to find a total of 7 Other PAX brave enough to leave the warm fart sack and start their week off on the right foot.

Reviewed the 5 Core Principles at 0515 while observing one of Manatee County’s finest patrolling the perimeter of AP with roof lights on.

YHC asked the PAX to grab their waters and we were off on a two lamp mosey…..consisting of high knees, butt kickers, nur and karaoke to each side.

We circled up in the chamber for some agitators, Michael Phelps, arm circles, and leg stretches then we made our way to the southern end of rink where The Thang was revealed…

1/2 deck of cards at each end

spades burpees

hearts merkins

diamonds Big Boy SU’s

spades Squats

1 pax would flip the top card and then all PAX would preform corresponding exercise and #. Face cards were equal to 10 and Ace’s were 11.

2 jokers in deck…….mystery card Posh assigned 11 additional burpees for his joker….CrabCakes assigned a jailbreak run around the parking lot.

after completing that exercise the PAX would run to the opposite end of the rink and the last arriving PAX would flip a card from that 1/2 deck.

Rinse and Repeat until 0600.  We made it through 49/54 cards.

Teamwork was on full display this morning…..BigMac was the only PAX brave enough, or crazy enough, to complete the beat down with a ruck.  As the burpee count increased during the beat down other PAX would often pick up 1 or 2 for BigMac….leave no man behind!!!


Brutus “outlaw” trail run March 16th

Raider Run 3/27

Gator Wilderness Run 4/24

Sup/Run 5/01

Grow Ruck 5/14-5/16


Healthy enough to be out with other PAX starting the week together

Airwolf and family received clearance to move into their home this coming weekend


‘CrabCakes’ MIL fell and broke her hip over weekend.  Surgery is this morning…please pray for her and my M, Michelle.  My M is having a really hard time with all that her mom has been through over the last 6 weeks.

Injured PAX

Those struggling with mental challenges and behavioral health battles


CrabCakes out…..


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