AO: Hard Knocks University Bootcamp - Wednesday

When: 11/02/2022


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Chilipepper, Mrs. Doubtfire, Pork Roll, Sir Wallace, Spartan, Teletubby, Wolverine,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Spamalot

The BackBlast:

Humidity was high this morning.  Very high.

The perfect weather for a non-stop workout.

Seconds before 5:15, it was time to circle up.

Off went the ruckers, led by Bing.


Warm o Rama

SSH – Go, while YHC stated the Mission Statement and 5 Core Principles.


Mosey the long was around the parking lot to the bank.

5 Merkins IC


Mosey lap around the bank

Repeat – but increase to:

10 Merkins IC


Mosey lap around bank


5 Merkins IC



Mosey to “usual” parking lot – facing Publix.  Goal was to make our way toward Dunkin Doughnuts.   Pax would make its way down the row via method of transportation.  Then walk the short distance to the next row and keep this pattern of going up and down the rows until we reached the far end.

Modes of transportation:  Mosey, Power Skip (try not to have fun!), butt kickers, High knees, Nur, Apollo Creed.


Mosey past Libbys and the ruckers.


Continue to the front of Dunkin.

Partner up.  One partner grabs a chair.

Perform overhead press with chair while partner runs lap of the parking lot in front of Lorraine Road.

Flapjack.  Continue this pattern until each pax has performed 4 sets of overhead presses and running.


All pax grab a chair and John Cusack (hold chair overhead) around the parking lot.

Return the chairs.


Form 2 teams of 4 Pax.  Each team grab a table and carry it around the parking lot.

Return tables.


Mosey to pharmacy drive through.

Fast feet x 10 IC

WWII situps x 10

Fast feet x 20 IC

WWII situps x 20


Mosey around the back of Publix to the wall just past the loading dock.


Wall sit and perform Jack Reachers (overhead presses).  Taking turns each pax runs to fire hydrant and returns.  Next pax continues this pattern.


Mosey back to start for MARY with the Ruckers.

LBCs x 12 IC

Low flutter x 12 IC

Penguin crunch x 12 IC

Plank for 30 seconds.





The plan today was to keep moving, and keeping the HR elevated for maximum results.

Per YHCs Garmin watch:  1.91 miles covered.  718 calories burned.  Average HR:  153.  Mission accomplished!


Lots of movie references from YHC this morning.  From Mel Brooks to Say Anything, we had it all.


But the BIG star of the MC happened to be YHC’s calves.  Yes, they are freakish in size.  You know what they say about people with large calves?  That they have large calves.  Mine happen to be award winning.


Announcements/Prayer Requests


Prayers for Pincher and the Full IronMan.  TClaps to Trump for traveling to help.

Prayers for Condenser and the new foster child.

Sonic Boom and Cavallino are looking for lunch today.

2nd F dinner coming soon

Check sign up for items needed for WildPax

Pork Roll shoutout to Kotter for introducing to 75 hard

Teletubby now has a teenager!!!

Prayers for Pincher’s 2.0 – has strep throat

Hacksaw and all the other MIA Pax – EH them


YHC took us out.


Sir Wallace – thanks for the opportunity to lead!  YHC left the keys by the tables at Dunkin.


Have a great day boys!





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