AO: Echo Chamber - Saturday

When: 09/18/2021


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: AirWolf, Dragnet, Papa Smurf, Pyro, Sir Wallace, SnapShot, Spartan, Stagecoach,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Enron

The BackBlast:

Due to copious amounts of rain, most of AP was soup so YHC called an audible and improvised on the fly.

After sharing the 5 core principles, disclaimer, and reference to the nickname for a girl named Abby – mozy out to the bridge going into Heron Preserve. Warmed up with some Strawberry Pickers, SSH, and Carolina Drydocks in cadence then bear crawled to the top of the bridge. 25x Captain Thors, Squats, and LBCs, then Indian run back to the pavilion. We then headed out the sidewalk and turned right on Greenbrook, stopping at various intervals along the way for core-oriented work – 4-count Big Boys (pause on the way up and down), Flutter Kicks, Imperial Walkers / Mtn Climbers, Peter Parkers, Australian Snow Angels / Partner Big Boys / Freddy Mercurys, Parker Peters, Pickle Pointers. Ended with leg throws (?) – one man laying on their six, leg raise to 90 degrees, partner behind them pushes their legs back down, rinse and repeat 25x. Was a great way to end the ab focus except by this point most pax were sweating profusely due to the 90%+ humidity, and the one on the ground got the drips of unknown origin….

In keeping with previous Q’s, YHC asked the pax to name someone that has been a HIM or otherwise made an impression on them. Great to hear about the influence of others both within Suncoast and outside, and a reminder that we have influence whether we are aware of it or not.

Announcements – WildPax coming up, Laps for Life run, 2nd F dinner at The Parrot on 70 likely 9/30

Praises – StageCoach gainfully employed!

Prayers – Many of our PAX have either been directly impacted by Covid or have friends, family, co-workers that lost health/life.

Low-key workout was fun and always an honor to lead this group.

Enron out

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