AO: Echo Chamber - Saturday

When: 05/13/2023


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Bernie, Big Mac, Body Count, Face Plant, ShamWow, SnapShot, Spamalot, Usher, Yo Yo Ma,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: 2.0 named "Groot"

QIC: Bernie

The BackBlast:

Saturday morning reminded us that Summer is just around the corner.  Humid, check!  It was great to see our DR friends from Pennsylvania, Humble and Gouda.  They are still in town for another week and hope to make plans for join us on another beatdown.  Nice work guys!!

I was also able to convince my 2.0 to come out for his first beatdown, who received his F3 name, Groot.


Jog around a preplanned course of 4 stations, in a shape eerily representing a rectangle you might see drawn by a 4-year-old.  Each station was marked by a cone and a list of exercises, later explained post-mosey.

Side straddle hops x 15 in cadence

Strawberry pickers x 15 in cadence

Imperial walkers x 15 in cadence

Michael Phelps

Arm Circles

There was some consensus within the group that we needed to make sure our shoulders were stretched very well given prior beatdowns, led by Q’s that are gung-ho on the May Challenge.  

The THANG: Playlist, 70’s Rock!

Planned today was a Ta-Dora.  What is a Ta-Dora you ask?  The Pax were asked to split up into groups of 5 members.  Then one member from each group was asked to mosey to one of the 4 stations previously revealed on our mosey.  The 5th member made their way to any one of the 4 stations.  The time was set for 4, 11 minutes quarters (Tabata).

On each exercise card, at each station, there where 4 exercises, one for each of the 4 quarters of the Tabata.  The Pax were asked to perform just the exercise at each station for the quarter in which the Tabata timer was in.  Once the timer started so did the exercises.  Remember that 5th member, their job was to start the MOT to the next station.  MOT’s between stations were; bear crawl, crab walk, run, and run. Upon arrival at the station, they needed to tap-out the Pax and take over the exercise the Pax was performing at that station (Dora).  The tapped-out Pax then had to take the MOT to the next station to tap out the Pax at that station and take over their exercise.  This pattern (clockwise) was repeated for 4 quarters, which represented 44 minutes of total time.

Once the 1st quarter was over, the second quarter immediately began as did the next exercise on the exercise card.  It took us a few minutes to learn the pattern but once we did, we were off and running.  Each Pax was asked to put in their best effort at each station until they were tapped-out.

Exercise cards were as follows:

  1. Core 1
    1. Q1 – Heals to Heaven
    2. Q2 – Superman
    3. Q3 – 30/60/90
    4. Q4 – Long Swimmers
  2. Legs
    1. Q1 – Squats
    2. Q2 – Lunges
    3. Q3 – Apollo Ohno
    4. Q4 – Tree Hugger
  3. Core 2
    1. Q1 – WWII
    2. Q2 – Plank
    3. Q3 – American Hammers
    4. Q4 – LBC
  4. Upper Body
    1. Q1 – Merkins
    2. Q2 – Carolina Dry Docks
    3. Q3 – Dips
    4. Q4 – Hands Free Merkins

Once the Ta-Dora was over, we still had 5 minutes remaining.  We circled up and went around the circle, with each Pax calling an exercise; Big Mac (Monkey Humpers, in cadence), Snapshot (Agitators, in cadence), ShamWow (Rope Climb, in cadence), Usher (Squats, in cadence), Spamalot (Wheels on the Bus, a musical number), and Gouda (Calf raises, in cadence).

We jointed in a COT.

Announcements/Prayer Requests/Praises:

  • Wildpax – Thursday – Saturday before Thanksgiving (Nov 16-19th)
  • The Murph Challenge – Memorial Day (May 29th)
  • Pyro is planning a dinner gathering, respond if you can attend.
  • AO Beehive is moving to Urfer Family Park on Thursdays.  Start time is 5:30am verse 5:15am.  2 Saturdays from today, we will also launch a new 7am AO from Urfer Family Park.
  • Maple Street Biscuit Company is closing in 2 weeks.  Make sure we support those that gave us much support and hosted our Friday Morning after parties.
  • Prayers for all Pax having to navigate various health issues.
  • Prayers for Face Plant’s brother, Kevin, who has strayed from the Lord.
  • Prayers for Stagecoach and his family as this celebrate the legacy left on Earth by his sister Kim.

Ended in giving praise and thanks our Creator and lifting our prayers so that He can do wonders within our lives.

In the end, we got dirty (think bear crawl race through the dirt) and worked hard on a Saturday morning.  It was a great start to the weekend!

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