AO: Ashton Trailhead

When: 02/06/2023


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Condenser, Freon, PawPaw, Ratchet,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: SnapShot

The BackBlast:

63° with a nice full moon.  YHC was hoping for a 6 PAX this morning, but settled for a 5.  We mozied a trip around the parking lot, then stopped for some SSH, Strawberry Pickers, and Windmills.  We finished up with some old man stretches.

We split up into a group of 3 and a group of 2, for a Tri-Dora.  There were two stations, at the opposite side of the park that were used .  One would mozi to a station with a coupon and the other two would be doing the excercise.  When the one team mate would reach station 1, he would switch with his team mate doing the excersise, and so on.
Needless to say the team.of 3 finished before the team of 2, but all worked and got it done.

300 Carolina Drydocks
300 LBCs
300 Overhead Claps
300 Squats
300 American Hammers

We still had 5 minutes left for some Suzanne Summers,  Merkins,  Morracan Night Clubs,  Squats and others.

Feb 3 – Men’s night at Bayside
Feb 9 – F2 Dinner at Pablonos SR70
Feb 10 – Night to Shine at Bayside
Feb 11 – Bridge A Life Super Hero 5k.

Prayers: Stagecoach’s sister Kim.  SnapShots sister Mindy, Ratchets marriage, Custom Air finding reliable employees.

Praises to the other 5 PAX that made it out this morning.

Always a pleasure leading.

SnapShot 📸

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