AO: Dixieland - Monday

When: 10/12/2020


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Cavallino, Goob, Griffin, Manziel, Marvel,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Manziel

The BackBlast:

Weather: 75 and humid

It was apparent that Goob still wasn’t entirely awake by the time he got to Adventure Park, because YHC had to remind him that his alma mater was ranked #5 in the latest AP poll (YHC’s school, from the ancestral home of Skyline Chili, is #8). After that it became nothing but a non-stop stream of consciousness about Mack Brown, Dean Smith, Jordan, Brad Daugherty and Mitch Trubisky. Lesson learned.

At 5.15 sharp the core principles and disclaimers were recited, followed by a mozi with high knees, butt kickers, nur, carioca x2, toy soldiers, and because there would be no other running today, a bonus lap. Then a COP with SSH, strawberry pickers, imperial walkers, windmills, Michael Phelps, and arm circles, ending with the announcement that we were headed to the echo chamber.

Because YHC’s NFL team is 4-1 (conspicuously absent today – the guy who’s a fan of the team they beat yesterday), he’s spending more time drinking during games this year, which leads to a serious lack of creativity when trying to write up a Wienke for the following morning. So…speaking of Skyline Chili…today’s workout was a series of the Manziel 3-ways. Beginning with an explanation, since there were a few newbies to this thing, that this was a peak into my taste in food, not lifestyle. If you’re unfamiliar as to how this works, go read a prior backblast. Here were the sets of exercises for today – with 16 reps every time:

Set 1: Merkins, overhead claps, lunges – transportation: duck walk

Set 2: American hammers, shoulder taps, big boy situps – transportation: nur

Set 3: Flutter kicks, mountain climbers, Bobby Hurleys – transportation: toy soldiers

Set 4: Freddie Mercury, Peter Parkers, plank jacks – transportation: bear crawl

Set 5: Hello Dolly, LBCs, gas pumps – transportation: crab walk

For set 6, YHC was out of ideas and gave the pax the chance to choose the exercises. Goob, no surprise, insisted on burpees, Griffin went with LBCs, and Cavalino came up with a squat where you take one leg behind your other leg as you’re squatting. That’s a lousy explanation but maybe he can demonstrate in a future Round of Mary.

With a few minutes to go, we went through a brief Round of Mary, thankfully reaching 6.00 right as the mosquitos decided it was time for us to leave.


  • Bubbles VQ tomorrow at Heritage Harbor (speaking of mosquitos…)
  • Give 2 Give
  • Walk to End Alzheimers

Praises & Prayers:

  • Safe travels to YHC’s parents coming down for my daughter’s birthday (update: they made it)
  • Injured pax
  • Troops, police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, first responders



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