AO: Blazing Saddles - Tuesday

When: 02/16/2021


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Bing, Brutus, Pincher, Ripken,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Pincher

The BackBlast:

Weather: We must of been forgiven today, as the rain cleared up in time for this gloom.

There was some mumble chatter about some extra miles early as Sniper wasn’t going to be able to attend the usual launch time. Ripken and I ended up finding each other just after 5 but no Sniper’s truck was spotted in the Wawa parking lot.

Little after 15 miles it was time for YHC and Ripken to round up the rest of the PAX from Wawa. Bing and Brutus were awaiting, we missed having you lately Brutus…welcome back!!

Off we went after COT, payers for those PAX dads getting the vaccine and for all the PAX that aren’t making it out regularly.

The loop was a trip back toward Brutus land, a reward to him for making it out and he’d be closer to home near the end of the ride. However Brutus had a different plan as he let out all his front wheels air, just after about 1 mile into the ride. Like he didn’t already get enough attention, he must of wanted more. JK Brutus that’s part of the game we all get them, thankfully some of us are more skilled at changing them then others…YHC is not one of those skilled PAX.┬áTire successfully changed after us 4 Stooges consolidated all out tools to get the job done through the graceful hand of Ripken, he sure knows how to handle the rubber. Tire…

We all found that the rain wasn’t there but the wind was in our face on the way out, there was plenty of mumble chatter on that subject. But we push through and got the grace of the wind to our six on the way back. This is when the fun really began, as we picked up the pace for a few sprints and a few Strava PR’s. Brutus hitting 2 on his welcome back party, nice work brother.

Brutus dropped just after the overpass to head home and it was down to just 3 Stooges now. So what else is there to do, pick up the pace even more of course. We hit it good until we reached the entrance to Hidden River. I heard Ripken holler out something about we weren’t going fast enough, cause once I looked up he was much further away. So I waited just a little bit for Bing to catch up and off we went. YHC thought for sure he was gonna drop Bing and kept looking back, but every time I turned my head he was right on my back wheel. So YHC stayed on the pace and Bing put up his best time for the .73 of a mile segment that he’s ever posted. Great work Brother, not to mention Ripken never got any closer and actually pulled away, so great job to you too.

Pincher Out!

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