AO: Dixieland - Wednesday

When: 10/12/2022


Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: Jimmy Dean, Manziel, Sea Duty,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Manziel

The BackBlast:

Sadly, the humidity is back. It was a nice week or so without it, but you can’t expect it to last forever.

Even more sad was that a Manziel Q was back. With no FNGs, something resembling the 5 core principles and disclaimers were said, followed by a one-lap mozi of the parking lot. A COP ensued with strawberry pickers, SSH, windmills, imperial walkers, Michael Phelps and arm circles, not necessarily in that order.

For the main course, it was YHC’s new new thing – not as good as a 3 way but still pretty fun, although it requires a lot of math. It’s a version of 4 corners and you do the same exercise at each corner as you do a lap of the parking lot. At the first corner, you have a starting number, then you double your number at each subsequent corner. So if the starting number at the first corner is 2 reps, you do 4, 8 and 16 reps at the next 3 corners. Sounds simple until the numbers get bigger because we’re all bad at counting. Here was the lineup of starting numbers and exercises:

1 – Big boy situps
2 – Crunchy frog
3 – Overhead claps
4 – Merkins
5 – LBCs
6 – Side straddle hops
7 – Freddie Mercury
8 – Moroccan nightclubs

Mumble chatter was good but nothing like Q source (you need to go to Q source). The one advantage to having 3 pax is that it makes it very hard to screw up the count-o-rama, so we didn’t.


  • Wildpax
  • Alzheimer’s Walk – Oct. 29
  • Laps for Life

Prayers & Praises:

  • Jimmy Dean’s M and YHC’s daughters both have birthdays today (different years)
  • Recovery for SWFL
  • Police, troops, firefighters, 1st responders

Manziel out….

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