AO: Ashton Trailhead

When: 06/26/2023


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Condenser, Fireball, PawPaw, SnapShot, Swampy,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: SnapShot

The BackBlast:

While in route this morning, Condenser informed me he was running about 5 minutes late.  This would be forgiven, as he was bringing extra rucks for the PAX.

The 5 core principles were given and modification was needed while waiting on Condenser.  We circled up for some Strawberry Pickers,  Hillbilly Walkers, and Toy Soldiers.   As soon as the rucks arrived, we took off towards Bee Ridge Road, 1.5 miles away.  YHC explained that the plan was to make it to BeeRidge in 20 minutes, but due to time, we may have to cut it short.  No one wanted that, so we went as planned.  This was a bit quicker pace, but we made it in just over 50 minutes for the complete beatdown.  The total distance rucked was 3.17 miles.

We did COT a little different today.  With about 200 yards until the end of the ruck, it was called for a count-a-rama and name-a-rama.  Announcments were also made before we made it to the finish line.  We did finish with a true circle for prayer.

Announcments:  July 4th, 1776 Patriot Games at Adventure Park, 7 am.  July 6th, Sunset Ruck at Robinson Park, Bradenton.  July 15th, F3 Family Beach Day at Nokomis Beach.  See Slack for more information on all.  It was mentioned that it is time for other PAX to step up and Q at the southern AOs.

Prayers: for Swampy and his family traveling next week.  For all other PAX traveling this summer.

Praise: for Fireball and his real estate issues in the next few weeks.

It is always a pleasure to lead these  group of men.

Snapshot 📸

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