When: 12/08/2020


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: AirWolf, Blade Runner, Lancelot, Mr. Clean, Olympus, Sir Wallace,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Olympus

The BackBlast:

Weather: a crisp 45F with very little wind (no complaints here)

Almost missed my Q as I had to put some air on my tires before heading over…

Anyways, we did a warmup lap followed with a beautiful combination of Germans and sit-ups.

The Thang:

My fellow pax chose “Christmas Eve” as the word(s) of the workout so we did the exercise and number of reps for each letter. We ran to the fire extinguisher and back between exercises(you know what that hydrant..whatever….). Each time we ran we combined it with different running drills such as A-Skip, B-Skip, high knees, etc.

A 50 Jumpimg Jacks C 30 Squats
B 20 Crunches H 20 Jump Squats
C 30 Squats R 15 Push ups
D 15 Push ups I 30 Jumping Jacks
E 1min Wall Sit S 30 Jump Squats
F 10 Burpees T 15 Burpees
G 20 Plyo Lunges M 20 Burpees
H 20 Jump Squats A 50 Jumpimg Jacks
I 30 Jumping Jacks S 30 Jump Squats
J 1min Plank E 1min Wall Sit
K 10 Push ups V 2min Wall Sit
L 20 Triceps Dips E 1min Wall Sit
M 20 Burpees
N 25 Burpees
O 40 Jumping Jacks
P 15 Plyo Lunges
Q 30 Crunches
R 15 Push ups
S 30 Jump Squats
T 15 Burpees
U 30 Triceps Dips
V 2min Wall Sit
W 50 Calf Raises
X 60 Jumping Jacks
Y 2min Plank
Z 20 Push ups


F3 10 Year anniversary postponed, Wild Pax 2021 registration open…

Prayers/Praises: Pray for injured pax, those with sad clown syndrome, those struggling with health challenges, pray for first responders and healthcare workers.

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