AO: Bee Hive - Thursday

When: 04/15/2021


Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: Papa Smurf, Repino, SnapShot,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: No one

The BackBlast:

66° with a slight cool breeze.

With Repino and Snapshot thinking it was just going to be them, in rolls Papa Smurf.  We split the Q in 15 minute segments.

Snapshot started.
After the 5 principles and mission were stated, off we went for a mosey half way around parking lot, stopping for SSH, LBC, and Hillbilly  Walkers.  We mosied to the end of the driveway stopping at the last side aisle.

There we had one man run around the parking aisle and the other two did exercises.  We did this for four rounds.  Exercises included merkins, SSH, shoulder taps, toy soldiers, and others.

Papa Smurf was up next.  He started with a round of 11s – LBCs and dips, while winding through the parking aisles, which made it harder to remember the count.
Next was a round of 7s – merkins and Carolina Dry Docks, this was done on a straight away, and easier to remember the count.

Repino took the final 15 minutes for 3 rounds of ABCs.
Apollo Onos 15, run to the 3rd parking aisle and back.
Bigboy Sit-ups 10, run to the 3rd parking aisle and back.
Club Motracand (he needed a C)15 on each leg, run to the 3rd aisle and back.

Announcements: Upcoming runs and GrowRuck.

Praises: for the three of us getting out of the fartsack and calling audibles.

Prayers: Papa Smurf and his future employment,  Snapshots brother-in-law and family.  All military, first responders and medical staff.

SnapShot ?

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