When: 01/23/2021


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Birdhole, Carabiner, El Capitan, Peach, Smudge,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Bird Hole

The BackBlast:

In today’s edition – We were pioneers today, Jello, and keeping eyes in front …

COP:┬áSeeing a massively low tide, YHC modified intended we ran (carefully) on the well exposed tidal flats in Tampa Bay. We have seem rather low tides before, but nothing like this: we went about 30 yards beyond the beach to the edge of a very exposed Tampa Bay. No doubt no man has ever exercised in this place where only fish, seashells and pelicans roam. Just firm enough to do rounds of SSH, Imperial Walkers and Abe Vigodas. Don’t think the pax appreciated that YHC decided not to do planks, merkins, mountain climbers,…in the muck.


Run along the beach to Hooker’s Pier for 7’s. Run to end of pier for 7 jump squats then back for 1 WWII sit up. Next trip 2 jump squats and 6 sit ups until 7 and 1 become 1 and 7. Hardest part was keeping the married pax eyes from focusing on the volleyball courts where bikini clad players were well in view. The men seemed to show proper discipline here…good job fellas.

Mosey to edge or The Tropics for 15 derkins and 20 dips.

Back to paved Bay trail with pax in Indian Run type line for mosey, butt kicks, high knees and nur (Smudge’s fav for backwards run).

At parking lot next to swimming facility, partner up. 1st partner runs to 10th parking stripe and does 20 LBC’s while other partner does LBC’s at beginning. When 20 are achieved by by 1st, call partner to 10th stripe and do 20 more LBS as partnership. Repeat for next 10 stripes until end (4X total). On reverse trip, 1st partner does 3 position ski jumps and second does squats. Repeat progression above until back at original beginning. And one more round with Around The World Planks (thanks for suggesting Train!) and J-Lo’s (thanks Peach). And then back, no partners but 3 stops; 1 each for merkins, Carolina Drydock and diamond merkins.

With a swim meet going on just a few feet from us, we decided to stretch out arms with the Phelps Medley: Standing position for 10 strokes each butterfly, back, breast and free. Loosened up our arms from lots of arm work earlier in workout, yet you felt a new burn around the breast stroke. Gave the younger pax meaningless trivia that in my days as young swimmer, swimmers ate raw Jello (cheery was best) for quick energy during the meet while waiting for our next laps. Lots off red- and green-stained fingers and mouths diving in the water.

With request from Carabiner, Indian Run back to concrete pad near our AO start. Finished with Mary:

  • Freddie Merc’s
  • Box Cutter
  • The “W” (El Capitan has a special name for this but decorum does not allow me to share here)
  • Merkins
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Leg and arm raises while planked (forgot the actual name)

And just to honor remarks from El Cap who think this is one of my signature moves, 10 knee jumps

COT: Countarama and Namearama. No announcements but prayers for travels and wisdom on health for Carabiner and his M, for our nation, quick relief for quixotic heath challenges for Smudge’s niece, for my friend Tom in last rough stages of ALS and for God to reveal new pax to us. Smudge shared his F3 story as the 6th man called today. YHC for the takeout.

Always a blessing to sweat and bond with the St. Pete pax,

Bird Hole

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