When: 10/20/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Birdhole, El Capitan, Freestyle, Peach, Smudge,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names:

QIC: Bird Hole and El Capitan

The BackBlast:

When the scheduled Q had to pull out due to a possibly foreseen but well-communicated circumstance, El Cap and YHC stood up and we hope we were worthy subs. And Smudge filled in to offer the COP. Welcome to FNG Babel!!!

COP: SSH, Parker Peters, Imperial Stormtrooper squats, motivators, and Abe Vigodas.


Bird Hole (YHC)-

  • Mosey to left side of pier beyond the $1MM fishnet. Hit the tree pits for two rounds of dips, Step ups (10 each leg) or 12 jump ups (pax choice), and Freddy Mercs.
  • Head to nearby seawall for derkins, planks w/shoulder touches and YHC’s invention Bird Hops.
  • Mosey to Spa Beach mixing it up with Carioca right and left, shuffles, high knees and butt kicks. Lunge down Spa Beach path for squats.

El Capitan-

  • Mosey to St. Pete Hill for a Jacob’s Ladder with WWII sit ups on bottom and Turkish get ups on top.
  • Mosey home (1/3rd mile) a little Palm Tree Mania weave at the end.

COT: Countarama, Namearama, Annoucements and Prayers. First ever SLT meeting Tuesday (26th) at 6:30 at Cage Brewing (all pax are SLT for now so all are welcome!). Peach shared his F3 story as our 6th man. Blessed to have Scott Gass as our newest FNG…now forever changed as Babel. Babel also told us about he and others making beaucoup PB&J sandwiches to give out to the homeless. We will join him one day soon as a 3rdF and help makes hundreds while only trying to make our personal consumption while making under a baker’s dozen.

El Cap and YHC split the closing prayer as well. Always a blessing to lead, and in this case share the blessing with El Cap, these fine men in paradise.


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