When: 03/03/2021


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Birdhole, El Capitan, Peach, Smudge,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Bird Hole

The BackBlast:

A balmy 74 degrees and 94% humidity as 5 pax joined at 5:30 (well 3; Smudge joined us at #13 of 20 SSH in COP and Peach came in hot shortly after) for Palm Tree Mania. The Pier has so many excellent options in terrain, so today I chose two sets of palm tree clusters for most of our pain.

And as always I seem to look like I have been through the wringer at COP; dripping in sweat and still catching breath. Pax states part of reason I look ragged is I am the only one with longish hair (and compared to some having any hair at all). Has nothing to do that I will be a Double-respect in 75 days. Aye!

COP: SSH, Abe Vigodas, Imperial Walkers, and Peter Parkers (20 each)

The THANG: Using 4 rows of 6 palms near the start of The Pier:

  • Suicides…just to raise the heart rate even more than COP
  • 10 merkins at the 2nd and 4th palm (up and back)
  • Bear crawl weaving in between a row of Palms
  • Stop at benches (2) for 20 dips then partner-assisted merkins at each end

Run to the beach area at mid-Pier, to wide open grassy area on a mini-peninsula. Start at middle and run to one of 3 locations 20 yards from center. One location for 30 Apollo Ohno’s, another for 30 squats and one for 50 LBC’s.

At another stand of palms (about 13 trees) on the peninsula:

  • Sprint touching each tree along the way; return
  • 3 merkins at each tree; return
  • 5 knee jumps at each tree

Short mosey to nearby sidewalk for a bit of Mary: 20 Dollys, 20 Rosalitas, 10 Rosadollys (in cadence; 1st move up then Rosalita, 3rd move down to Dolly), 30 Freddie Mercs, 30 Dying Cockroaches, 10 box cutters, and 10 OB’s (also called “W”s; except for El Cap who has his own unique name and an embarrassing story from using it).

Heading back to home, stopped at steps for 20 derkins sandwiched in between 2 sets of 20 irkins.

Light sprint last 75 yards to home.

COT: Count-arama, Name-arama, announcements and prayers.

  • Shared that Lancelot will Q on the 13th, and all are welcome to join him for 8 miles before the 7:00 AM post. No takers.
  • We made Monday official and YHC will put it on the nation map; will call it Northwest Park for now until we find a more F3 suitable name.
  • Prayed for the start of F3 Daytona sometime in April; founding by YHC’s real brother McDreamy. He successfully started a numbest of workouts in south Jax and recently moved to F3-less Daytona in December. Since McDreamy is new to town, prayed God would raise up men to start the pax there. Smudge offered to show him his famous Legtona 500…YHC will make that happen.

As always, I am so blessed to be with these men each week.

Bird Hole





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