When: 12/24/2021


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Birdhole, El Capitan, Grand Canyon, Mud Pie, Peach, Smudge,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Bird Hole, Train

The BackBlast:

Owing to there need for the pax to be free to open their presents and play with their new toys on Christmas morn, we had a special beatdown on Christmas Eve. We also took the chance to experience the pain at a new place. Albert Whitted Park was our temporary AO (adjacent to Albert Whitted Airport and across the street from the Dali museum). A beautiful morn it was. We welcomed a DR from Napierville…glad to have you Big Gong!

Train and YHC split the Q, with Train taking first lead. But were also had a visit from the Holy Ghost! Well…maybe or maybe not but a ghost of sorts for sure. Our first ever Ghost Q! While YHC lead, Train saw a man running nearby and went to EH him. Instead of plopping down in the Mary we were doing, he decided to bark an order for merkins on our fists. We happily do so, and then we were ghosted. Was he real, an apparition, figment of our imagination, or a function of swamp gas coming from the sewer drain or fumes of the rotting sea grass in the harbor? Alas, we may never know.

COP (Train):

Warrior pose
Chair pose
Down dog
Side runners lunge, reach sky and twist
Down dog
Chair pose
Warrior pose

Calesthenics- side straddle hops, high knees, karaoke , butt kicks


Train Q: 12 days:

Do the 1 day, then the 2 day and 1 day, then the 3 day and the 2 day and the 1 day, and…well you’re smart enough to figure out the rest.
12- monkey humpers
11- squats
10- lunges
9- side straddle jumpshot (Bobby Hurley)
8- jumpsuits
7- fire hydrant, Alabama ass kickers
6- Apolo Ohno
5 – hand release merkins
4 – dips
3- Freddy mercurys
2- diamond merkins
1- burpee

1 minute plank

Bird Hole Q:

Mosey down harbor parking lot adding NUR along the way. Around the corner to harbor side fountain for dips and Burg Hops.

Time then for a round of Furr Balls around fountain and then onto Bayshore Drive. FRBL’s: front, right, back, left 10-15 yards runs and drop for burpee when Q says so. Memories of high s school football for many.

Grab a space on the bike.running path next to decorative planners: 30 LBCs, Rosadollys (Rosalita then Dolly in 6 step Mary), prison cell sit-ups, dying cockroaches and our Ghost Q of merkins using fists on ground instead of flat palms.

Mosey to Bayfront lawn of The Dali for:

    • Holy Rollers (merkin, roll over like a log then LBC; roll back; repeato)
    • Partner up for run to the (THE?) Fountain of Youth next to Dali while partner does called exercises such as dips, declines, and such.
    • Partner hand slap merkins

Short mosey to beginning for squats, box cutter and a few more minutes of Mary.

COT: Namarama, Countarama, Announcements and Prayers. 1/11/2022 at 6:30 Cage Brewing for 1st ever SLT meeting (all pax need to come regardless of how long you have posted). New Burg Slack channel added by YHC: Jester-Killer-Accelerator-Accountability to go public (privately to the pax) to post goals, objectives, changes (stop this, start that) so the pax can help the man with encouragement and support. YHC made first post.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the men of paxes across the nation and world. A blessing to have a co-led beatdown on Christmas Eve with a very fine group off growing men.


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