When: 02/23/2022


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Birdhole, El Capitan, Mud Pie, Smudge,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Bird Hole

The BackBlast:

When the Q was slow in arriving, YHC got things going with a few COP exercises. When the supposed Q did show up a couple minutes past start time, YHC was informed that I was actually the Q. I swear I looked at the Q Schedule yesterday, but alas read it wrong. So Q-on-the-fly it was. The Pier is .6 miles long and 26 acres of wildly varied territory so always easy to find something to do.

Included in the pax today were our newest adds Lady Slippers (who rode his bike again 10 miles each way again; also rides a OneWheel 6 miles each way to Monday AO…strong brother!) and Froggy. Both were named elsewhere but recently moved to The Burg area.. We wouldn’t dare name someone Lady Slippers…would we? LS wore Vibram’s to his first workout in Tennessee but he wears them well.  Glad to have you fellas.


SSH, Mountain Climbers, 5 slow merkins, Imperial Walkers and Abe Vigodas. Lady Slippers asked what/who is an Abe Vigor. YHC popped a few more wrinkles trying to explain a sitcom from 1975…well before he was born…that us DR’s watched many times as new episodes.


YHC recalled the last few workouts were very worthy but covered little territory. Thought it was time to take Lady Slippers and Froggy the full length of he most unique AO in all of the nation

Mosey down the right side of Pier adding some carioca and NUR en route so we could see the many sailboats in the gloom.

At our very own Burg Plane:

  • 15 Inclines
  • 12 Step ups each leg
  • 15 Declines
  • 14 Bird Hops

Short mosey for dips at picnic benches and onward to Doc Fords. Left turn for lunge walking and side shuffle to get back on main part of The Pier.

Straight to nature museum wall for fun with People’s Chair. Passed the burn time with some Muhammad Alis, then dropped for 15 Mike Tysons. Smudge wanted to call them Rocket Launchers, and for good reason. A quick study of the Exicon showed Mike Tyson is the official name. But hey brothers, we care less about what they are called and more that we do a lot of whatever it is and in good form.

Mosey to water end of Pier for deep squats using the end rail for balance so one’s butt gets real close to the ground.

Head to stairs of the geometric structure proudly shown on the back of our region shirts, partner up. Once cycle of P1 up the stairs and around superstructure while P2 does LBC’s, and switch roles. Then 20 partner hand clap merkins. We had an odd number of pax, so YHC hand clapped a metal bench – not the same kind of sharing.

Last time up stairs for some modified Holy Rollers: 5 WWII sit ups then roll to 5 merkins; repeat 5 times.

For our long-ish time back to the start, we returned to the left side of The Pier and added:

  • Indian Run
  • Bear Crawls on the picturesque trail offshoot
  • Walk Like An Egyptian
  • AYG with Palm Tree Mania weave back to start.


Countarama, Namearama, Announcements and Prayers:

  • Our first ever family fest is March 5 on the beach at Treasure Island. Smudge is event Q. Mud Pie has a spreadsheet in Slack for signups for food and whatnot.
  • Special Mystery Q this Saturday. Bring Once Was’s (fellas who posted once or a few but have disappeared) and Never Was’s (FNG’s) for doses of outside pain.
  • Train shared about his new mammon opportunity. Today was 3rd day of new job, and we sent him off properly Monday with a laying on of hands then.
  • As the 6th, Mud Pie shared  how he found F3 (Facebook) and how he was named (from Mississippi)
  • MudPie also shared our word of the week: Sadclown. Good words from FTL and The Sopranos to share the hole we have inside us all that becomes less and we become more whole by posting with F3. El Cap has next week with Shield Lock
  • Prayers for many friends and family in need of healing. We did our first Ball-To-Man in some time and glad our ability to be close is back.

Whether planned ahead or made up on the fly, always a blessing to lead these fine men in to the gloom.

Bird Hole



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